Midterm elections | Republicans reveal their “commitment to the United States”

Midterm elections | Republicans reveal their “commitment to the United States”
Midterm elections | Republicans reveal their “commitment to the United States”

(Washington) A fierce fight against inflation, crime and immigration, and a defense of “freedom”: 45 days before the US legislative elections, the Republican Party presented the program it plans to apply on Friday if he were to seize power in Congress.

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Gathered in a warehouse in the suburbs of the former industrial stronghold of Pittsburgh, in the northeast of the country, the conservatives unveiled their “Commitment to America”, a series of measures that allow the party to define itself other than in his opposition to the policies of Democratic President Joe Biden.

“We’ve spent the last year and a half – all of the Republicans in this group – traveling the country to listen to your problems, to fight what the Democrats have done,” said Kevin McCarthy, who hopes to become the next president of the House of Representatives, following November’s midterm elections.

The choice of this place owes nothing to chance: Pennsylvania, a state known as much for its large urban centers as for its declining industries, probably holds the key to the legislative elections.

This election, during which all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are renewed, is always perilous for the power in place, and the Republicans thus hope to deprive the Democrats of their majorities in Congress.

“Paying for a full tank of gas”

In Pennsylvania on Friday, the conservatives first spent long minutes scouring the record of Joe Biden and a Congress in the hands of the Democrats on inflation.

“As we traveled the country, from people’s dining rooms to factories, we heard the same problem,” said Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. “How can I afford my full tank of gas? My food, my milk? “, he listed.

The Conservatives have promised “energy made in the USA”, without however making the slightest mention of climate change.

Before this assembly, the Republicans also dwelt at length on immigration, an explosive subject in the United States, which is even more so a few weeks before the elections. The opposition accuses the Democrats of having turned the border with Mexico into a sieve.

On this subject, the “Grand Old Party” gave the floor to a local sheriff, James Custer, listing the number of fentanyl overdoses in his county. “These overdoses are directly linked to the fact that our border to the south is open,” he denounced, these opiates very often coming from Mexico.

Republicans are also promising America a “future based on freedom”, especially in schools across the country, which in recent years have been the scene of fiery debates on confinement, the wearing of masks, the anti-COVID-19 vaccination or the teaching racism.

Angle of attack

A way to mobilize their electorate on social issues, after years of fighting against abortion.

Since the Supreme Court decision that blasted the constitutional right to abortion in the United States in June, conservatives have been much more discreet on this issue, aware that positions that are too extreme could cost them dearly at the ballot box.

On the contrary, the Democrats have made this issue their main angle of attack.

Addressing America’s largest teachers’ union on Friday afternoon, President Biden once again promised he would legalize abortion nationwide, provided his majorities were strengthened in Congress.

The Democratic leader took the opportunity to strongly criticize the new Republican program, a “very thin series of measures” which, according to him, illustrate the hold of “Trumpist” ideas on the Conservative party.

“Americans have a choice”, in November launched the president to the crowd. Abortion, firearms, the health system, are all “on the ballot”, he assured.

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