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Colombia plagued more than ever by drug trafficking

The efforts of its mayors and governors, such as Alonso Salazar and Sergio Farjardo, unsuccessful candidate for the presidency twice, have something to do with it.

Medellin has thus become less dangerous, but it retains its dark side. Because it is now the city where all vices are allowed and attracts very sulphurous tourists. And beware of those who criticize.

Luis Fernando Quijano, who chairs the human rights NGO CORPADES, is a threatened man. He launched, 10 years ago, the site Analisis urbano, which publishes everything related to the violence committed against the citizens of Medellin and the department of Antioquia. Which earned him many enemies.

In 2016, just before the referendum on the peace agreements, lost by President Juan Manuel Santos, Luis Fernando Quijano told us: Medellin isn’t the biggest brothel in the world, but it is the cheapest.

Today he adds: Here is the rumba dura, extreme partying, cocaine and sex tourism: women, men, boys, little girls, or even all of them at the same time. This is a real mess.

Medellin has become a paradise for all the mafias in the world, Danish, Dutch, Canadian, at a very high level. »

A quote from Luis Fernando Quijano

Luis Fernando Quijano chairs the human rights NGO CORPADES.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederic Tremblay

The legacy of Pablo Escobar

Luis Fernando Quijano denounced, four years ago, the presence in Medellin of Mexican cartels from Sinaloa and Jalisco, a new generation in the traffic of coke on the Pacific coast, which came to be added to the local mafias: the Clan del Golfo and the Office of Envigado.

That said, argues Luis Fernando Quijano, the Clan del Golfo does not exist in itself. It is in fact the Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, heirs to the narco-paramilitary groups that terrorized the north of the country until recently. And the Office of Envigado is the heiress of the Medellin Cartel and Pablo Escobar. The expression comes from this sentence that he said to his family: I’m going to the office the pharmacy located then in the Envigado district of Medellin. The group, mysterious but powerful, is suspected of having ramifications in all layers of society: police, army, business and political worlds.

Corruption is probably Colombia’s number one evil, and tackling the drug trade that fuels it will be the biggest challenge for newly elected Gustavo Petro, the country’s first leftist president.

Medellin seen from barrio Comuna 13.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederic Tremblay

The Narco State

Under the government of outgoing President Ivan Duque (2018-2022), the situation has deteriorated. According to Felipe Tascon, an economist turned drug trafficker, Colombia now produces 75% of all the cocaine in the world, compared to 50% four years ago. Bolivia and Peru provide the rest.

Under Pablo Escobar, Colombia did not grow coca. She is the first producer in the world today. And the illegal money that this traffic brings in represents 6% of the country’s GDP, a fortune that trickles down to all levels of society.

Luis Fernando Quijano travels in a convoy of two armored cars with four state-provided bodyguards. But he is trying to get his family out of the country, because they are not protected.

It’s as if Pablo Escobar was still alive. Crime permeates all of society. Pablo Escobar’s legacy lives on because it has grown stronger over the decades. He is there, embedded in the Colombian state. »

A quote from Luis Fernando Quijano

A Narco state, completes the economist Felipe Tascon. With drug mafias that must be added to ELN guerrilla groups and FARC dissidents.

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