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Sabrina Cournoyer says hypnotherapy saved her life

This week on Marie-Claude Barrette’s show, one of the topics discussed was hypnosis, and how this practice can help in a context of physical and / or psychological suffering. Among the guests, Sabrina Cournoyer made surprising revelations.

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First, the facilitator explains that she has always experienced anxiety, but that she managed to live with it and control it thanks to various tools, such as yoga and meditation. However, in the last few months, two major events have turned her life upside down and disturbed her sense of security.

As she discussed in an interview with our pages in August, she and her husband were victims of a burglary last year and, a few months later, her lover was the victim of a car accident. road. During the impact, Sabrina was on the phone with her husband, on Bluetooth, so she heard everything about the impact.

Aware that it was her lover, François, who lived the worst in this story, she explains however that the situation also had repercussions on her after a while.

“Out of nowhere I started having arms going numb all day long, having trouble breathing like I was always gasping for breath,” she recalls.

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As the situation was getting worse day by day and she was more and more afraid that it would be triggered at work, as she is on the air live at Hi hello every morning she turned to hypnotherapy on the recommendation of a friend. She got an appointment two weeks later, but reveals she ended up in the hospital in the meantime.

“I still have to mention that I ended up in the hospital because my body was paralyzed for a day. My arms were paralyzed and I no longer felt my face, I thought I was having a stroke,” says the young woman.

Fortunately, after only two sessions, she explains that her condition quickly improved, believing that hypnotherapy saved her life.

Watch the excerpt right here:

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