Aqababe leaks an audio

Aqababe leaks an audio
Aqababe leaks an audio

Booba has been attacking Magali Berdah daily for four months now. The famous agent of reality TV candidates is regularly the target of the rapper, whistleblowers and Internet users concerning what it would be like scams. For its detractors, Magali would be the precursor of questionable product placements in France. Moreover, a number of Further Investigation special influencers, broadcast Sunday, September 11, had pinned this whole system which still has certain malfunctions. Something that Magali Berdah concedes, but today she would like to improve and restore the image of the professions of influence.

At the heart of the controversy for all these reasons, here isanother scandal breaks out. Blasting News tells you everything.

Isabeau would have had an intimate relationship with Stéphane Teboul

The manager of Shauna Events always appears very close to her candidates such as the twin sisters El Himer, Milla Jasmine, Cynthia des Marseilles, etc. And one of his protégés is Isabeau Delatour, discovered in 2021 in The Princes of Love. When suddenly, a dark rumor begins to circulate on the net…, an information site specializing in scandals, launched a conversation last August. Isabeau would privately tell a friend that she would have “f*cked with Stéphane Teboul”, the companion of Magali Berdah one evening when she would have slept under their roof.

Discovering this, AZ, the current boyfriend of Isabeau, even unfollow her on Instagram. Which means there was a break, in social media parlance. But, a few days later, after denying this rumor, Isabeau was finally reconciled with her darling.

Isabeau and Magali Berdah come to blows?

If the story had stopped there, Aqababe, moreover suspected of being at the head of Fauxtoi, has just published a new conversation in which we learn that Magali Berdah and Isabeau would have come to blows yesterday !

Here is what is said on the phone between the two people: Apparently, Isabeau had inappropriate comments. Magali didn’t like it and she fought with Isabeau, an influencer from home. If this is known, it is serious! It was Lucas who separated them.”

Shocked by this new case, Internet users were agitated all evening yesterday. However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Nabil El Moudni reacts to the supposed dispute between Magali and Isabeau and asks his community to remain cautious without real evidence: “In the audio, we clearly understand that they hit each other and that someone separated them. But I did not recognize these two voices… So, two people unknown to the battalion say that Magali and Isabeau are are beaten… I inquired, I called relatives of the two women. I have been told that they would never have come to blows. However, there seems to be a lot of tension between the two. They unfollow, that’s undeniable. For me, until proven otherwise, it is false.



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