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The characters of Radio Enfer are reborn on stage

The characters of Radio Enfer are reborn on stage
The characters of Radio Enfer are reborn on stage

As part of the Gala ComediHa! that he animated this Wednesday evening in Quebec, the actor Michel Charette proposed an initiative which made the joy of many nostalgic.

Indeed, it brought together on the same stage all the main actors of the series Radio Hellwhich made the heyday of Canal Famille and VRAK from 1995 to 2001, for a shock effect in the hall of the Capitole de Québec.

In this issue, Carl, Jean-Lou, Léo, Camille, Maria and Jocelyne were gathered for a convention.

For fans of the series, here is what became of the characters: Carl is a radio host in a remote region, Jean-Lou is a janitor in high school and still lives with his mother, Camille and Léo had 8 children, Maria owns her clothing store in Limoilou and Jocelyne always provides questionable psychological advice.

It was a real pleasure to find them for this last time. Micheline Bernard was particularly efficient; it looks like she came back in 1995 snapping her fingers. François Chénier was like a fish in water, just like Rachel Fontaine, who quickly found the facial expressions of Maria Lopez. Michel Charette has also easily reclaimed his Jean-Lou, this happy imbecile who is so endearing. Robin Aubert tucked his pants back under his armpits, then lowered his voice to find his inner technical director. Then, Anne-Claude Chénier also did very well in the guise of Grano Camille Bergeron.

You can also see images below.

For those who were not in the room this evening, the ComediHa! will be broadcast on Radio-Canada starting Friday, September 16 at 9 p.m.

Read our impressions of Michel Charette’s gala at ComediHa here.

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