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the VF of Vanya (Elliot Page) has gone from feminine to masculine, Internet users are protesting

the VF of Vanya (Elliot Page) has gone from feminine to masculine, Internet users are protesting
the VF of Vanya (Elliot Page) has gone from feminine to masculine, Internet users are protesting

December 1, 2020, we learned about Elliot Page’s transgender coming out. The actor then received a lot of messages of support from his entire community, but also from series Umbrella Academy and the Netflix platform.

A transition to stick to the personal life of elliot page

After Elliot Page came outfans of the series The Umbrella Academy asked themselves many questions to find out how the character would evolve in the series. We had learned, via a previous Twitter post from Elliot Page, that the character of Vanya would evolve into Victor Hargreeves.

Number 7 Viktor Hargreeves

Thanks to the post in question, we understood that Vanya’s character would follow the same course as Elliot Page in real life, so as to stick to the changes experienced by the actor. And today we were able to get to the bottom of it, and we found out that the dubbing actor who dubbed Vanya’s voice in VF had changed, from the first episode of season 3. This choice on the VF side (since there is no change in VO since Elliot Page keeps his own voice) was done, as evidenced by Netflix France below, to stick to the personal journey of Elliot Page:

Vanya becomes Viktor in this season 3 to follow Elliot Page’s personal journey!

If this change is obvious (or rather to the ears) between season 2 and season 3, the explanation is thus all found. But that did not prevent Internet users from rising up, sometimes congratulate this decision.

Strong reactions

As we told you, Internet users have widely commented on this change barely season 3 of Umbrella Academy being available on Netflix. Most of them commented on this noticeable change between the two seasons, and while some were looking for the reason for this change, others simply wanted to give their opinion on the subject, as evidenced by the following tweets :

Vanya Hargreeves’ VF, is it to kill me?

Sorry but it makes no sense the others still call her Vanya
I went back to vo

95% of the comments on Umbrella 3 relate to Vanya’s VF when in real life we ​​give a fuck about the balls and ovaries so much

They changed Vanya’s voice vf it’s more masculine they did well

Well we explain to me why vanya has a voice of Guy in season 3 of umbrella academy?

So Vanya’s dubbed voice in Umbrella Academy is just not possible. Her character is still a girl at the moment, it’s ridiculous to have her voiced by a man.

Say @NetflixFR why Vanya’s FR voice in UmbrellaAcademy3 is that of a guy whereas in the VO it’s his usual voice? You don’t have a little problem?

We don’t talk about vanya’s dubbing in season 3 of umbrella academy??? #UmbrellaAcademy

So yes Vanya’s character in Umbrella Academy changes for Victor. But WTF?!?! The French voice that changes ??? I’m in denial

You have to explain to me the change of Vanya into a boy because there is no gender explanation there. We end up with a girl who has the voice of a normal guy? #UmbrellaAcademyS3

And you, did this change seem strange to you? Profitable from experience, so as to stick to the reality of things? Do not hesitate to give us feedback via our comments section! And if you want to know why Five is the only Hargreeves to not have a first name, you can check out our previous article on the subject.

The article is in French

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