Mercilessly, AliExpress cuts its price by 2 on Black Friday

Mercilessly, AliExpress cuts its price by 2 on Black Friday
Mercilessly, AliExpress cuts its price by 2 on Black Friday

One of the most powerful smartphones in the Xiaomi ecosystem is seeing its price plummet like never before. The Mi 11 Ultra with 128 GB of storage goes for 559 euros as part of Black Friday. A year ago when it was released, you had to pay 1199 euros to get it. Crazy.

The Mi 11 Ultra is one of Xiaomi’s most high-end smartphones which was presented in 2021. Since then, it has lost none of its brilliance and its technical characteristics are still convincing at the end of 2022. Above all, its price has significantly lowered which allows it to offer an almost unbeatable value for money on the top of the range.

This Thursday morning, AliExpress officially kicked off its Black Friday. For the occasion, there was no dead hand on the products. Xiaomi’s excellent Mi 11 Ultra has seen its price plummet from 1199 euros to just 559 euros. Admittedly, we have been able to find it around 750 to 850 euros in recent months – but never as low as at the moment.

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Method to get the best price : AliExpress operates a little differently from French e-commerce platforms. Indeed, it works a lot with the code system to activate additional discounts. By going to the merchant’s site, you first have a price displayed at 659 euros. You will then have to use the code BFFR100 to get an additional 100 euros off. This brings the price down to 559 euros.

From a value for money point of view, this Mi 11 Ultra from Xiaomi is a nugget. It is at the same level as the OnePlus 10 Pro which was released during the year and which is displayed for 439 euros instead of 919 euros. The two high-end smartphones clearly do not deserve this price drop and they offer an excellent choice for a reasonable budget.

If you need to understand the efficiency and quality of the Mi 11 Ultra, we invite you to order the product on AliExpress. Once delivered to your home, you then have 14 days to change your mind and return it. In this case, AliExpress takes back the product and reimburses you immediately. This allows you to test the smartphone at home and form an opinion on it.

A pleasant technical sheet

These two years, it must be recognized that innovation in smartphones has been much less strong than in the past decade. It is for this reason that Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra is still so popular in 2022. The product has convincing characteristics on all points: screen, performance, photo and autonomy.

To start with the first, there is a 6.81-inch AMOLED screen with an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Xiaomi has perfectly calibrated and optimized this panel so that it does not consume too much while offering a very premium. Also note the small 1.1 OLED screen on the back of the smartphone which provides feedback for selfies. We also like the ceramic back which is very premium.

While Qualcomm’s Snadragon 8-Gen-1 processor is available in several smartphones, the Snapdragon 888 built into the Mi 11 Ultra is already excellent. It’s a high-end chip that will be perfect for all uses – including the most intensive ones. The latter is supported by 12 GB of RAM and is of course compatible with 5G.

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In addition to the small screen on the back of the device, Xiaomi also has a large photo block with a convincing triple module. First, the main sensor is 50 MP followed by a 48 MP ultra wide-angle sensor and a 48 MP x5 telephoto lens. The quality of day and night photos is excellent and it is really appreciated.

We will conclude this short presentation with a 5000 mAh battery that can easily last more than a day without having to recharge it. You have a charging system that is compatible with the 67W to find the entire battery in just half an hour. Note that in the cheapest AliExpress offer, the charger is not included. The 67W charger is available as an extra for 10 euros.

AliExpress in great shape at Black Friday

In recent years, AliExpress has chosen to focus only on Singles Day at the beginning of November. It is the biggest trade event in the world and is organized by its parent company Alibaba. That said, as it becomes established in France, it tends to adapt to local traditions. It is for this reason that it is active on Black Friday.

He not only participates in Black Friday, he is also one of the most active and generous during this operation. Unlike Amazon or Cdiscount, which pay thousands of offers during the operation, AliExpress prefers to focus on a few nuggets. This is the case on this Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra which is at a staggering price. For half the price, you get a smartphone that was released a year ago.

What’s even more amazing is that the Mi 11 Ultra is selling very well. AliExpress would therefore not need to push prices that low to boost sales. It’s a gift he wants to give for the end of the year and you would be wrong not to take advantage of it. We remind you that there are still only 400 pieces to enter and that it can go very quickly. First come will be first served.

We also warn you that there is a risk on the number of codes that are made available. The BFFR100 can be used on several products and it can therefore disappear at some point. So you have to hurry if you want it to still be active on this Mi 11 Ultra.

To discover the Mi 11 Ultra, it’s here:

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