Version 1.0 Of Project Downfall, A FPS X Hotline Miami, Will Arrive November 17, 2022

The developers of Project Downfall took advantage of Realms Deep 2022 (yes, him again) to reveal that their game would be released in 1.0 on November 17, 2022. As a reminder, Project Downfall is an FPS largely referencing Hotline Miami, but is not only A simple copy: in a cyberpunk metropolis filled with neon lights and thugs, our hero will experience a veritable descent into hell under narcotics and begin to blast bad guys at all costs. This is reflected in game by a fast and nervous gameplay which gives pride of place to scoring, but above all by completely hallucinated visuals, stuffed with effects in all directions. In addition, the adventure should offer many branches and choices impacting its course and its conclusion.

We had written a preview when it arrived in early access, 3 years ago. If we weren’t convinced by the rough-hewn proposal at the time, the developers have apparently corrected quite a few things and Project Downfall could turn out to be very interesting. See you on November 17 on Steam to see if the bet is successful and, in the meantime, you can test the temporary demo, available until September 23.

The article is in French

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