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Stronger than Black Friday, Dyson bleeds prices on its official website

Stronger than Black Friday, Dyson bleeds prices on its official website
Stronger than Black Friday, Dyson bleeds prices on its official website

While she has accustomed us to systematically ignoring reductions, Dyson is giving us a real surprise for the start of the school year. The British manufacturer reveals some nice discounts via its official store on the occasion of the start of the school year. Good news : this also concerns the latest models in the range such as the Dyson V12 and V15 Detect.

A page dedicated to the operation on the Dyson site allows you to discover all the models that are covered by the discounts. From one stick vacuum model to another, you can save between 50 and 120 euros. For a brand that always sells its devices at the official price, this is already a very good deal. We do not expect better offers for Black Friday: last year, it had hardly put forward anything.

I take advantage of the Dyson Days

Going through the official Dyson website offers many advantages: not only will you have the official experience, but you will also have a number of facilities. For example, you have 30 days after delivery to change your mind and return the product. You also get a 2-year warranty on all stick vacuums you buy, even those that qualify for rebates. Finally, you have free delivery within 24 hours. And for those who prefer to pay in installments, Dyson offers 4 installments free of charge.

In the last few years, it has been very rare for Dyson to make discounts on its premium vacuum cleaners. Each time, it only took a few days for them to be out of stock. If you want to take advantage of the new Dyson V15 Detect (with laser to capture micro-particles) or the V12 Detect in version 2022, now is the time. Note that less expensive models such as the V8 or the V10 are also in stock.

How is the Dyson range made?

Regularly, Dyson releases a new iteration of its famous cordless and bagless stick vacuum cleaner. If the design remains relatively the same from one model to another, other parameters will change: suction power, autonomy, endurance or even noise. So many essential points that allow you to have a better user experience and to keep the product over time.

The oldest model still available is the Dyson V8 – and it’s discounted for the Dyson Days. This is the only time you will certainly see a Dyson vacuum cleaner go below 300 euros (it is 299 euros instead of 349). Then there is the Dyson V10 which is newer, then the V12 and finally the V15 which is the latest stick vacuum cleaner. If you want the ultimate, it is to him that you will have to turn.

Admittedly, it is rather expensive: 749 euros by default, and 649 euros at the moment. But there is a reason for this: Dyson has significantly improved the performance of its product with a suction power of 240 AW. To give you a point of comparison, the previous Dyson V12 had an output of 150 AW and that was already exceptional. With the Dyson V15 Detect model, you are in for luxury and ultimate performance.

I take advantage of the Dyson Days

For each model of vacuum cleaner, you can then have different versions: Absolute, Absolute+, Extra, Fluffly etc. This denomination varies according to the number of brushes and accessories that are included in the box at the time of purchase. In general, the most complete package is the Absolute. There may be a V10 Absolute, a V12 Absolute or a V15 Absolute for example.

In the case of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute of these Dyson Days, you have 2 brushes and 7 accessories included including the new Digital Motorbar brush. Whichever model you choose, you will always have an efficient motorized brush. The latter will allow you to clean all floors, without exception. In addition, all these Dyson broom vacuum cleaners can also be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner. This is handy for dressers and other furniture.

The Dyson Days are very popular

If you go to the Dyson site, you will see that the Dyson V15 Detect is no longer available in immediate stock. It is now displayed “in pre-order” with a delivery date before September 26. This means that the stock is running out and it is possible that it will go out of stock on time. If you want to take advantage of this advantageous rate, you better hurry. But since it is in pre-order, the delivery will not be made in 24 hours.

The other models are still in stock – but their fate could quickly be the same. We have another crush on the 2022 Dyson V12 Slim Detect. The brand has updated the version that was released in 2021. Unlike the previous version, this new Dyson V12 2022 also comes with the green light that will allow you to see all the little dust on your floor. From a technical point of view, the manufacturer proves to us once again that it is still the most innovative.

If you are looking to take a cheaper stick vacuum from the brand, we will recommend the Dyson V8 instead. It is the least expensive of all and it still offers very good suction power and good autonomy. The Dyson V10 Cyclone Extra is probably the least interesting. It doesn’t offer the latest features or the best price. The V8 and V12 Detect certainly offer the best value for money with these Dyson Days.

To discover these special offers, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Dyson Days

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