A new SPVM based on “inclusiveness and emotional intelligence”

A new SPVM based on “inclusiveness and emotional intelligence”
A new SPVM based on “inclusiveness and emotional intelligence”

Fady Dagher, selected to become the new director of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), spoke this morning for the first time in public since the announcement of his appointment, presenting his vision of an SPVM more open and attentive to all Montrealers. “In 2022, it is necessary […] to serve the entire population, all populations,” he explained, noting that the Montreal community is much more heterogeneous than in the 1990s.

To do this, Mr. Dagher will prioritize the hiring of police officers “with emotional intelligence, inclusive and open to difference”. The SPVM must be “a much more inclusive police service”, which understands the issues of marginalized populations and different cultural communities, according to him.

This sensitivity to diversity and inclusion comes not only from his career as a police officer with the SPVM and as chief of police of the Longueuil agglomeration police department (SPAL), but also from his personal experiences, he who is of Lebanese descent.

When I’m not in uniform, I’m a visible minority too.

Fady Dagher, new head of the SPVM

Mr. Dagher was taking part in a public discussion before the City’s Public Security Commission, which will issue an opinion on his appointment to the executive committee.

Prevention at the heart of the vision

No one is born a criminal, we become one.

Fady Dagher, new head of the SPVM

The current police chief of the Longueuil agglomeration police department (SPAL) reiterated the importance of “working upstream”, to anticipate and prevent crisis situations.

Fady Dagher recalls, however, that a balance must however be maintained between prevention and repression.

When it comes to pure repression, firearms, shootings, this is not the time for dialogue, it is the time to intervene.

Fady Dagher, new head of the SPVM

Building a “village spirit”

Fady Dagher pleads for an SPVM that would work with humility, with partners in the field, including community actors. “The only way to be effective is to work at the same level with everyone, without being above,” said Mr. Dagher.

Mr. Dagher recalled that in recent years, 70% to 80% of the calls to which the police respond include aspects of mental health or social problems or social aspects. “It is not true that a policeman is better placed than a partner to respond to it,” he remarked.

This “village spirit” must be built in “peacetime”, according to Mr. Dagher. “It’s practically impossible to develop bonds of trust” when the police intervene “in emergency mode”, he notes.

An appointment hailed by Longueuil

Ville de Longueuil was delighted with the appointment of its current leader.

“Mr. Dagher contributed to implementing a vision of consultation unique in Quebec which is, in our opinion, THE vision of the future, of which the Longueuil agglomeration has become the standard-bearer. He also leaves a police service in good health, with a solid succession and an enviable record in terms of crime in the territory, ”says the office of the mayor, Catherine Fournier, in a press release.

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