Militant journalism: who controls the media?

Militant journalism: who controls the media?
Militant journalism: who controls the media?

It brews among journalists.

Many of the young people demand that they also be able to be militants.

It already transpires heavily in their work.

The leaders of the traditional media rise up in the name of objectivity.

How could you, said one of them the day after the FPJQ congress, where the question aroused passions, take part in a demonstration against global warming and, the next day, cover objectively the press conference of a minister of the environment?

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We often plead the right to committed journalism by saying that the essential thing is to respect the facts.

This is a sophism, because the committed journalist will often tend to select only the facts which accredit his position.

Note, however, that militant journalism has been around for a long time.

But it is expanding. Look what has become The duty in a short time.

The question is whether it should take up even more space (no, in my opinion) and whether it is true that objectivity is a myth (no, in my opinion).

Have you noticed that these young journalists are demanding the right to exclusively left-wing journalism?

This is so self-evident to them that they don’t feel the need to spell it out.

Would they defend a “committed” journalist who, for example, would explore the negative effects, on the ground, of massive immigration?

This demand for a left-leaning press is based on their conviction that right-wing ideas would be dominant in the media.

It’s quite funny.

The left strongly believes that the right dominates the media. She always points to the usual suspects: Martineau, Bock-Côté, myself. But there is no Fox News in Quebec.

The right will worry about the growing restrictions on freedom of expression, justified in the name of wokism, in the media, the arts, academia, etc.

All this raises a fascinating question: what is the dominant ideology in the cultural field and in the media?

There is indeed, to simplify, a political field and a cultural field.

In the political field, the case is heard: there is only one clearly left party in Quebec, QS, and it weighs 15%.

The rest of the spectrum is taken up by right-wing and center-wing parties, with some housing people from the very moderate left.

The cultural field is made up, roughly, of journalists, artists, teachers and intellectuals.

Who will deny that he is massively on the left?


Speaking of France, the essayist André Perrin offers a test that also applies to Quebec.

What do we see most often? he asks.

“An intellectual accused of being reactionary who denies it and proclaims to have always been faithful to the values ​​of the left? Or a left-wing intellectual (…), recognized as such, who protests that he has been misunderstood and who swears to his great gods that he has always defended right-wing, even far-right ideas? »

As they say, to ask the question is to answer it.

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