Stabbed to death in Montreal under the eyes of his new spouse

A 27-year-old man was savagely stabbed to death by his new girlfriend’s ex-husband under her horrified eyes, early Friday morning, in the Mile-End district of Montreal.

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The crime of incredible violence occurred in the middle of the street, around 5 a.m., near the intersection of avenue Bernard and rue Jeanne-Mance.

According to our information, the victim, Rance Sullivan, was brutally stabbed by the ex-spouse of her new girlfriend.

Photo QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

The assault was so violent that the victim was pronounced dead on the spot. In the morning, Rance Sullivan’s body was still lying in the street, between two parked vehicles.

The murder was committed in front of the young man’s spouse and one of his friends. Witnesses said they heard the woman scream in horror as she saw the horrifying scene unfold in front of her.

The suspect fled after the crime, leaving his bloody knife behind.

Still according to our information, the alleged murderer would have been pinned at the end of the morning, when he was very close to his mother’s house, in Montreal. He would not have resisted his arrest.

According to our sources, the 28-year-old suspect has a criminal history of vehicle theft, break and enter, receiving and mischief, among others.

The victim is also known to police circles.

It was the 28e murder to be committed in Montreal since the beginning of the year.

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