Shooting in Longueuil: a mother and her spouse fall under the bullets

A mother and beneficiary attendant became the latest victim of gun violence in greater Montreal on Friday night when she fell to the bullets during an attack in Longueuil.

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Sophie Langelier was alongside her spouse, Ahmed Kadar, in a commercial parking lot on rue de Lyon in Longueuil when they were targeted by several shots from a vehicle.

Photo QMI Agency, Sydney Dagenais

The police erected a large perimeter on the rue de Lyon, where the murders were committed.

Citizens quickly tried to help the victims, who were losing a lot of blood, in vain.

“I saw the distress in his eyes, the fear the pain. She was screaming. She was so scared. She knew she was going to die, ”says Vanessa Simard, an employee of Le Palais restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the crime scene.

Sophie Langelier

In addition to the wounds caused by the bullets, Sophie Langelier, 42, would have taken the weight of the vehicle of the suspect or suspects, since according to Ms. Simard, the driver would have rolled over her body.

The SQ gets involved

The mother of two, including a school-aged girl, and Ahmed Kadar, 34, later died of their injuries.

Due to the current spike in gun violence, the Sûreté du Québec is collaborating with the Longueuil police in this investigation. No suspects have been identified at this time.

Photo QMI Agency, Laurent Lavoie

Like the Longueuil police, the Sûreté du Québec had set up a command post yesterday.

Appalled, the relatives of Sophie Langelier also urge the authorities to take the necessary measures to restrict access to firearms.

“Everyone is a little overwhelmed by what happened, insists Bernadette Ouellette, cousin of Ms. Langelier. I’ve always been against guns, but they have to manage [mieux] arms. »

This event occurs when Ms. Langelier had just signed a lease to settle with her boyfriend in Saint-Philippe, in Montérégie.

Taken in hand

“She had taken her life in hand, according to what we knew, indicates Ms. Ouellette, who preferred not to publicly display the challenges encountered by her cousin. She had a turbulent life. »

The 40-year-old, who had no criminal history, could tend to surround herself with bad associates, according to her friend Cindy Dallaire, but nothing would have suggested recently that she feared for her safety.

Some were concerned, however, that her relationship with Ahmed Kadar exposes her to criminalized individuals.

“Everyone told him, ‘Take it easy, slack […] take care of yourself, we don’t want it to happen to you [quelque chose]”,” says Ms. Dallaire.

At the forehead

She also learned of the death of Ms. Langelier at the CHSLD René-Lévesque, in Longueuil, where both had worked as orderlies for several years.

This tragedy sent shock waves through his colleagues.

“During COVID, we entered the hot zone on March 18, 2020, and we came out of it recently. We always supported each other, we always stayed together. We formed a team hell,” describes Cindy Dallaire, emphasizing in broad strokes the resilience of her late colleague.

“She loved her patients. She constantly talked to us about the fact that she had her favourites,” adds Bernadette Ouellette.

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