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Interview with AÏDA KAMAR, general manager of Muz

Want to escape and go on several musical journeys? From October 6 to 9, let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of the 16 groups of artists selected as part of the Rendez-vous des musiques métissés, MUZ, followed by two magnificent groups on the closing night. For Aïda Kamar, Executive Director of Vision Diversité, MUZ gives musical diversity the visibility it deserves: right in the heart of the Montreal scene.

« The objective of MUZ is to offer during 3 evenings real musical journeys to the public. »

For its 12th edition, the event features 16 groups of artists chosen from numerous professional candidates to offer the general public an overview of the diversity of musical expressions that enrich Montreal, each in 20 minutes and on the stage of Studio TD. .

Created by Vision Diversité, 12 years ago, MUZ is not only an opportunity to present yourself on a quality stage, but also an opportunity to be accompanied by professionals from the musical world. Indeed, more than 20 partners have accompanied this event since the beginning by being present every evening to choose their favorites. This year, they will choose 3 groups that will form the 2022 cohort, revealed during the closing party, October 9.

In the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, the artists offer their performance to the general public but also hope to be able to win this quality support from the partners present in the room. This accompaniment goes “from the creation of the portfolio to the preparation of a promotional campaign, including studio sessions and the dates of shows offered,” agrees Aïda Kamar.

Mixed music: diversity of artists and influences

If the lineup is revealed in advance, no time is given. Because MUZ is an experience in itself: the spectator participates to discover new musicalities, to travel through this musical diversity. The experience MUZ, it’s listening, every evening, from 7 p.m. to 5 to 6 groups of great talents, from here and elsewhere, whose rhythms and melodies are influenced by so-called “world” music, by the jazz, blues but also more Western sounds. According to Aïda Kamar, this mixed music brings together “local Quebec artists, regardless of their origin, who are inspired both by traditional music from around the world but also by everything that happens around them. ” Ultimately, MUZ shows how today’s artists influence each other by creating a real fluidity between each other’s musical traditions.

Photo: Jeff Malo

A varied programme: a look back at the four evenings of MUZ

Thursday, October 6

For its opening night, MUZ present Azaraa flamenco ensemble (Andalusian and Cuban music) which rubs shoulders with the folk music of Jabbour and the universe of Nadine Altounji (musical traditions of Peru and Ecuador). This first evening also presents the contemporary Haitian music of Rebecca Jean as well as the group Trukowhich goes from flamenco to Balkan melodies and rhythms.

Friday, October 7

The second evening of MUZ welcomes the mixed sounds of Diogo Ramos (samba, funk, electronic hip hop), Sophie Lukacs (kora, pop, folk and Mandinka tradition) and d‘Okapi (reggae-keb). The evening also offers a new creation of Argentine music and songs, siestas, signed Damian Nisenson surrounded by several great musicians with whom he has chosen to share these privileged moments. We also meet the group Wu-sen & The Fam, an association of five musicians from Morocco, Quebec and Bulgaria. Finally, for the evening, the multi-instrumentalist Andrew Wells-Oberegger revisits so-called “world” music by virtuoso alternating the Renaissance lute, the bagpipes, the oud, the bouzouki and other instruments!

Saturday October 8

For this third evening, we are also going to meet Senegalese and Mi’gmaq culture with the group Mi’gmafrica that at the crossroads of Chilean and Quebec influences of the vocal quartet Mikha.they. Whether Akawui goes in search of a sound between Latin hip-hop, electronic music and Andean folk, Ketsmy in vogue, meanwhile, between R&B, hip-hop, blues-rock and afrobeat. Finally, with the group Syrokothe public discovers Chaabi, a genre born from the encounter between Arab-Andalusian classical music and North African poetic heritage.

Sunday October 9

To end on a high note, the winning cohort will be announced with the partners between the promising performances of Révélations Radio-Canada, 2021 and 2022. Joyce N’sananicknamed the voice of afroblueshop and reggae, will pass the torch to Noah Lirawith Quebec-Mexican musical influences.

Themselves former artists of MUZthey are living proof of the artistic and professional development that the meeting promises!

Photo: Melissa Vaiti

12 years ago, Vision Diversité launched MUZ, the Mixed Music Meeting, to restore the quality of listening to groups of musical diversity, too long linked to only festive music and places. When asked about the evolution of this music on the Quebec scene, Aïda Kamar is optimistic.

“I am convinced that mixed music has taken and will continue to take its place as a real professional musical movement offering great talents. But there is still work to do! A few small clues… In the past and until last year, Révélations Radio-Canada was called Révélation Radio-Canada in “world music”. This year the category is that of “mixed music”! »

If you want to discover artists from diverse universes and be transported on real journeys by these melodies from here and elsewhere, go to the new site of MUZ (, but especially at Studio TD for a fabulous musical Thanksgiving weekend!

The article is in French

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