The mayor of Quebec would like us to talk more about the environment

The mayor of Quebec is delighted that the environment is often discussed during the current election campaign, but believes that we could talk about it more.

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Questioned the day after the last leaders’ debate, Bruno Marchand presented his point of view on the issue of the environment. He who, with his fellow mayors of big cities, is calling for more government action to fight against climate change, believes that the environment has a place of choice in the political debate this year.

“I think that [l’environnement] was addressed more than other issues. Enough? I don’t think so,” he said from the outset. “I think there is an urgency to act.”

According to him, not enough is said about the economic opportunities that the fight against climate change can bring. And on this aspect, it is possible to rally the citizens, he pleads.

“There is a capacity, as Quebec people, to find solutions. […] There are also economic possibilities, possibilities to ensure that we can develop interesting things that we could even export elsewhere. It is time to put all our energies into this issue.”

Moreover, Mayor Marchand did not take offense that the outgoing Prime Minister, François Legault, was unable during the debate to respond to Éric Duhaime, who urged him to reveal the name of the company that makes the current study for the third link.

“That always seems, in a debate, something phenomenal. Mr. Legault, he manages Quebec, he manages tens of billions of dollars. He cannot know all the contract names. […] Me, I do not have this expectation, that a head of state is able to name on the end of his fingers who works.

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