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A father executed in front of his two children

A Montreal father who was targeted by three thugs was shot in the back of the head in front of his wife and young children, it was reported Thursday at the opening of the trial of the alleged perpetrators of this execution. .

” [Les accusés] arrived, parked, they broke down the door, they fired and they fled, all in less than ten minutes, ”said Me Nadia Bérubé, of the Crown, at the Gouin Judicial Services Center in Montreal.

Sitting in the accused’s box, Omar Araghoune, Gretzky Marcellus and Jeffrey Romel Nauzinor, aged 28 to 35, remained impassive as they listened to the prosecutor recount the homicide they allegedly committed on September 16, 2019.

That morning, Osvaldo Pineda Melgar was getting his children aged four and nine ready for school when three men broke down the door of his residence in LaSalle.

“They are going to rob us,” the 26-year-old victim allegedly shouted as he took refuge in a room.

Mr. Pineda Melgar’s spouse would have done the same with their daughter, while their son joined them shortly afterwards. During this time, the accused trio would then have rushed inside the residence.

Nauzinor, who is nicknamed “Satan”, then allegedly grabbed the man by the hair while Marcellus, alias “Flawless”, allegedly beat him up and ordered him to tell them where the “stock” was hiding.

A ball in the head

Araghoune was at the time in the kitchen, where he appeared to be looking for something, according to the suit.

The case, however, took a tragic turn when Nauzinor allegedly pulled out a gun to outright execute the victim by shooting him in the back of the head.

“When the fatal shot was fired, [toute la famille] was in the bedroom, the Crown explained. A bullet in the head, that does not forgive. »

Archival photo

A relative of the victim in tears is comforted near the scene of the murder, on rue Bédard, in the borough of LaSalle, in September 2019.

Rented cars

Quickly, the thugs would have fled in two cars, a blue Land Rover and a gray Malibu. But if they thought they were getting out of it, it was without counting the hard work of the investigators to find the suspects.

Thus, thanks to surveillance cameras, the police were able to reconstruct the route of the murderers. The investigation then revealed that they were rented vehicles, which were equipped with GPS.

“The vehicles were returned after the murder, but before the end of the rental agreement,” assured the Crown.

Nauzinor, for his part, would have left Montreal to go to Calgary, by plane, using a false name.

It took several months of investigation to arrest the defendants, according to what was explained by the prosecution to the jury.

Archival photo

The police had erected a security perimeter around the residence, in which the murder took place.

long investigation

And clearly, the police did not skimp on the means since the investigation involved wiretapping, spinning and even microphones hidden in residences and vehicles.

A forensic biologist is also expected to testify to report DNA found on evidence.

“Mr. Pineda Melgar was targeted, he was not targeted by chance”, assured the Crown, explaining that the accused were finally arrested in April 2020.

Nauzinor and Marcellus are charged with first degree murder, while Araghoune faces one count of manslaughter. They are represented by Mes Alexandre Garel, Jean-Pierre Sharpe and Günar Dubé.

The jury trial, presided over by Judge Mario Longpré, is scheduled to last several weeks.

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