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Provincial elections – Public education: a priority in Quebec

Provincial elections – Public education: a priority in Quebec
Provincial elections – Public education: a priority in Quebec

The Federation of School Service Centers of Quebec (FCSSQ) would like to reiterate that public education in Quebec must be a priority. In this regard, it would like to make its expectations known and share some possible solutions.

For the FCSSQ, it is essential that political parties commit to putting forward measures to ensure the sustainability and quality of public educational services. To do this, the proposed measures must respond to the main issues in education, which are student retention and success, the labor shortage and the challenges related to infrastructure, particularly in terms of building maintenance and development of the park. immovable.

School perseverance and success

Considering that the needs of students have been greatly affected by the pandemic, the FCSSQ first recommends making the Academic Success Plan announced in the 2021-2022 Budget, in particular by improving certain measures and transforming temporary measures into recurring measures, more particularly those allowing the implementation of educational support measures adapted to the reality of each environment, while based on evidence-based teaching practices and supported by research, thus ensuring greater success for young and adult students.

Labor shortage

In terms of labor shortages, the FCSSQ points out that the difficulties in attracting and retaining labor go well beyond teaching staff. It therefore hopes that the measures that will be deployed by the next government concern all education professions.

Thus, measures will have to be deployed to ensure the recruitment of professional and technical resources in various sectors, including information resources, material resources, psychology or remedial education, daycare and support services, and to ensure their occupational integration. In order to act effectively with regard to this issue of labor shortage, the FCSSQ also proposes the implementation of ten-year forecasts of labor needs in school service centers as well as a flexibility in the application of rules adapted to each environment.

Still in a context of labor shortage, vocational training is definitely an opportunity to provide the labor market with skilled workers. We therefore believe it is essential to rely on the deployment of measures allowing better access to training, greater fluidity in the paths and the sustainability of the increased learning formula in the workplace.


The Federation emphasizes that the next government will have to take into account the impact of inflation by adjusting funding and maintaining the pace of school construction and renovation projects. It also asks that the recurring cuts in education, evaluated at $375 million, be abolished in order to be reinvested in the maintenance of school buildings. Eventually, substantial amounts will have to be reinvested for building maintenance. The credits allocated should target the equivalent of 2% of the value of the housing stock, or the equivalent of $1.5 billion.

“As part of this election campaign, the FCSSQ invites the main political parties to make concrete commitments on these issues and therefore to demonstrate the importance they place on public education. concluded the President and CEO of the FCSSQ, Ms. Caroline Dupré.

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