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Debate: Anglade advantage and PSPP

After his poor performance at Face to face of TVA, the advisers of François Legault have, obviously, succeeded in better preparing him for the debate on Thursday evening.

The result was a little more energetic, but it’s hard not to notice that Legault is 20 years older than the average age of his four competitors.

The two chefs who stood out were, again, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and Dominique Anglade.

Go find the undecided

PSPP was still appreciated for something he did not do: heckle, interrupt, take down his opponents. He is intelligent, discreet and modest. He shines in talking about his option, but he is not dogmatic. It is likely to seek undecided.

No need to be a sovereigntist to see talent, sincerity and leadership.

PM in the making

The only woman present and, of course, the only person from a visible minority to have ever been a party leader here, Dominique Anglade is able to connect with electorates who are often left behind.

She again demonstrated her expertise and experience in government management on Thursday evening. Will that be enough to make people forget the gaffes of the PLQ at the start of the campaign? Small comfort, a decision of the court finally allowed him to have 125 candidates.

Thursday evening, Anglade showed itself to be a PM in the making, its messages directly oriented towards the citizen with good positive energy.

The efficiency and concentration of his vote will be key to his chances on October 3.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was, as always, very solid and in full control of his program. He has huge support among 18-35 year olds. Will he succeed in convincing them to vote?

He uses social media better than all the other candidates, but his explanation on Facebook of his plan against inflation lasts 3:37!

During the debate one had the impression that he had become accustomed to giving too long and often complicated answers. He risks losing the sovereignist vote in favor of the more digestible explanations of PSPP.


An excellent communicator, Éric Duhaime seems to have reached the limits of his potential growth. His good performance on Thursday night will probably not change the game.

On the other hand, he so effectively hounded Legault on the third link, that his own election in Quebec seems assured. Duhaime and everything he represents to them seem to have been provoking reporters since the start of the campaign.

During a series of interviews with the chefs, the highly respected Anne-Marie Dussault struggled not to step into the arena as if she were a fighter against Duhaime.

Ditto for the extraordinary Pierre Bruneau who couldn’t help giving the Conservative leader a thumbs up about his unpaid taxes.

Will it be the same on Sunday during the last confrontation of the five chiefs in Everybody talks about it ?

It will be the evening of all dangers and all opportunities. Merry mess and Capernaum in sight where we mix journalism, commentary and stunt. Anything can happen… it could be memorable!

The bulletin:

  • Legault: 8.5/10
  • English: 9/10
  • St. Pierre Plamondon: 9/10
  • Nadeau-Dubois: 8.5/10
  • Duhaime: 8.0/10

The article is in French

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