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A chamomile debate | The Journal of Montreal

The final debate of this campaign therefore took place, giving a second and last chance to the leaders of the five political parties to convince the voters. Much less cacophonous, this debate was altogether courteous, a succession of speeches, bordering on boredom on a few occasions.

Expectations were high for Premier Legault, who had experienced a Face to face difficult last week. He had to take, once again, several attacks from his opponents. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has recycled the expression “pulling the boat” to tell him that this is exactly what he has done in terms of the environment.

Match GND v. Legault

The biggest spats took place when Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and François Legault challenged each other. While GND accused the prime minister of bringing out the “Halloween decorations” to scare Quebecers rather than inspire them, the prime minister replied that the co-head of Québec solidaire was living in “wonderland”. They notably attacked the environment, the economy, health and the third link.

An attack by Legault on Duhaime in the segment on mental health was a little awkward: while the Prime Minister had the opportunity to explain what his government is proposing, he took the opportunity to accuse Éric Duhaime of having been an “agitator” in both pandemic years, asking “how many seniors were you willing to sacrifice?”

Difficult evening for the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister may have tried all evening to manage his reactions, in particular non-verbal, we see that the attack on Mme Anglade about the decline of the place of women in society because of the lack of space has made her return to her naturalness. PSPP and GND even intervened to ask him to stop interrupting the liberal leader.

Visibly annoyed as the evening progressed, the Prime Minister seemed irritated and irritable. The other leaders have all improved their performance compared to the Face to face.

  • Francois Legault: 5/10
  • Dominique Anglade: 7.5/10
  • Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon: 8 /10
  • Eric Duhaime: 7/10
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: 8.5/10

The article is in French

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