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A “barometric monster” on its way to Canada

The Îles-de-la-Madeleine on the alert and the Maritime provinces are on the alert as Hurricane Fiona approaches eastern Canada.

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And according to meteorologist Gilles Brien, expect an imposing storm that will do a lot of damage.

“It’s a barometric monster. We have never seen such low central pressure in a hurricane that will hit Canada this weekend,” he explains.

The meteorologist believes Fiona stands out sharply from the rest of the hurricane season, which has been fairly quiet so far.

“It was the calm before the storm,” says Gilles Brien

With winds of 215 km/h, Fiona caused a lot of damage in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Nova Scotia should be the hardest hit province this weekend, but the Magdalen Islands will not be spared, says the meteorologist.

Strong sustained winds are expected; it will therefore not be a matter of short bursts as is usually the case. This type of wind can tear off roofs, mentions Mr. Brien.

“Structures and buildings will take a solid hit,” predicts the meteorologist.

Impressive precipitation will sweep over the Maritimes, he warns.

“We know from experience that significant amounts of rain like this will cause dangerous flooding,” says Gilles Brien.

While waves 10 meters high will be visible at sea, the water level will rise by at least four meters on the coast of Nova Scotia, explains the meteorologist.

“It’s like a wall of water about 15 or 20 feet high that will break,” he illustrates.

For Gilles Brien, there is no doubt that this type of hurricane is the result of the greenhouse effect.

“Climate change has just entered the electoral campaign, because nature will be unleashed at the end of the week”

To see the full interview, watch the video above.

The article is in French

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