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Centraide launches its 2022 campaign

Centraide launches its 2022 campaign
Centraide launches its 2022 campaign

The 2022 fundraising campaign for Centraide of Chaudières-Appalaches and the Capitale-Nationale was launched in Lévis on September 20.

By Marie-Eve Groleau

“The consequences caused by the pandemic are direct, urgent and the social issues persist. Current inflation accentuates inequalities and the community action efforts that we are going to put in place this fall will help raise awareness of inequalities”, immediately launched the president of the board of directors of Centraide Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches, Annie Gaudreault, about the importance of the organization’s new annual fundraising campaign.

Inflation has an impact on the costs faced by community organizations. “Our goal is to increase donations by 10% compared to the previous campaign in order to reach the same level as last year. In 2021-2022, we raised $17 million,” says Ms. Gaudreault.

To make a real difference

To illustrate that no one is immune to experiencing difficulties as a result of the pandemic and inflation and to underline the importance of its 2022-2023 fundraising campaign, Centraide presented an example at the launch in case study form was, suggesting a calculation of a budget for a low-income person.

“We are not all equal in the face of inflation. I witness daily examples of people who have experienced completely unexpected difficulties. In concrete terms, 1 in 5 people in the region use the services offered by community organizations and projects supported by Centraide. Collectively, we have power. The role of those who are less hard hit is to keep the hope that things can be changed in a context of economic instability. At Centraide, we embody this hope for the collective well-being which can have an impact on each of the individuals”, testifies the president and general manager of the organization, Isabelle Genest.

Centraide supports and oversees 215 community organizations, which support individuals and families in need by fighting against inequalities and prejudices. Many volunteers work in different settings across the province’s territories.

“Time is a scarce commodity. Taking time and giving it to organizations is the best thing we can do in our context. The impact on vulnerable communities is enormous,” added Ms. Genest.

A TV advertisement was produced and a vast movement of sharing on social networks was developed on this occasion. Breaking isolation, raising awareness of mental health and fighting against school dropout are some of the issues that Centraide is working on by collecting donations from the public and businesses. Some 500 businesses in the region will take part in the campaign until the end of December.

To make a donation or obtain more information, you can visit

The article is in French

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