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The 5 best places to hunt according to expert Alexis Pageau

Every year, the end of summer marks a highly anticipated moment for thousands of Quebecers: the hunting season. Quebec is also full of heavenly places to indulge in this sporting activity.

Would you like to try a new place this year? Outdoors and hunting enthusiast, Alexis Pageau, reveals his favorite destinations for hunting.

My hunting and fishing file

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts can now obtain their permits online, without having to travel. Go to the digital platform My hunting and fishing file to purchase permits (only those that do not require a transport coupon).

The service is available 24 hours a day, which is perfect for last minute purchases or when the stores are closed. Permits can be stored digitally on your mobile device (or printed, if needed).

It is also a portal that includes all the information necessary for the practice of hunting and fishing, in particular the various current regulations.

Happy hunting season!

The article is in French


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