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Demolish the Quebec Bridge: a “completely wacky” scarecrow, according to Mayor Lehouillier

The possibility of demolition of the Quebec Bridge if its acquisition by Ottawa fails is nothing but a “campaign scarecrow” and a “completely far-fetched” idea, according to Gilles Lehouillier.

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“My answer is going to be quite concise: well, does the Canadian National [l’actuel propriétaire du pont, NDLR] replaced the government? What power do they have? Of no power, ”reacted the mayor of Lévis Thursday morning.

“I’m sorry, but we have to bring Canadian National back into line and tell them [que] it’s not you who will make the decision. That’s my answer.”

In an exclusive interview with The newspaperthe negotiator for the federal government, businessman Yvon Charest, expressed the fear that in the long term, if the takeover attempt fails, CN could consider demolition if it proves to be more economical than maintain.

He specified that this is his “interpretation” and that this eventuality did not come from his discussions with CN, while blaming the Legault government for indulging in “petty politics” by doing, according to him , obstruction.

A “game”

Mr. Lehouillier, rather returns the ball to the Trudeau government, which promised in 2015 to find a solution for the painting of the bridge in six months.

For him, it is only a “game” to “embark us in the battles with Quebec”. “They have a small intermediary, Mr. Charest, to, they use him. So much the better,” he blurts out.

A demolition would simply not pass in the public opinion, according to him.

“It’s completely wacky and it’s nothing more than an election campaign scarecrow,” he said, saying that “people are sick of the fact that it can’t be resolved.”

There would certainly be a “mobilization, which I would be elsewhere” and in any case, it is Ottawa which would have “the last word”, he affirms.

In his eyes, the Government of Quebec is making a sufficient effort by committing to rebuilding the bridge deck for more than $200 million and we cannot ask of it “the impossible”.

The mayor denounces a “turn in circles”. “It’s time to stop fooling around. The federal government has legislative power. He has powers, as they exercise their power of acquisition.”

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