Free training on living together and non-violent communication offered in Beauport

Free training on living together and non-violent communication offered in Beauport
Free training on living together and non-violent communication offered in Beauport

Citizens of Beauport will be able to take advantage of free training on living together and non-violent communication. These workshops will be offered at École François-Bourrin starting October 4 thanks to a collaboration between the organization Croque Ton Quartier and the Center Louis Jolliet.

The two training series are made up of eight two-hour meetings between now and the beginning of February. In addition to sharing theory on the topics covered, trainers will encourage discussion among group members.

According to the trainers, these trainings are aimed at everyone since the tone of these will be adapted according to the participants. “There is always something in common with humans who experience conflicts and who want to get through them,” says Jacinthe Thériault-Fortier ofEspace CroisSens and facilitator of the training on non-violent communication.

This non-violent communication is not only to avoid physical threats or insults. It is also to avoid doing violence to oneself or the disturbances that the lack of communication can create. “We do violence to ourselves when we stop ourselves from saying things or when we accept to be told things that hurt us without naming it. It can also be violent for someone when we are silent in a relationship because it alters the quality of our bonds, ”explains the trainer. However, if we are in the seat of someone who wants to communicate with someone who refuses to communicate, we must also accept the mourning of “an ideal world” in which the two individuals are ready and open to discussion.

As for the training on living together, it will be led by psychologist Hugues Simard. Inspired by neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and history, she will notably address the concepts of cognitive bias, prejudice, unconscious automatisms and the various defense mechanisms. According to the organization Croque Ton Quartier, it will help develop their ability to communicate constructively, their ability to listen to themselves, their empathy, their ability to introspect or their power to act. It will also teach how to receive feedback and how to manage conflicts.

Citizens interested in one or other of the training courses can register online by September 20. After this date, it will be possible to register on a waiting list.

Link for training on nonviolent communication

Link for training on living together

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