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Surgical delays denounced by a patient in Mauricie

A 44-year-old Shawinigan who has been off work for 10 months awaiting surgery still does not know when he will be able to go under the knife and deplores the waiting times to be able to undergo an operation in Mauricie.

Sébastien Brodeur’s life has completely changed since November 2021. He is bedridden 23 hours a day, suffering from two hernias, a stenosis and a crushed disc.

In December 2021, he obtained a first work stoppage. “I went to the emergency room four times,” Sébastien Brodeur told TVA Nouvelles. Each time, they sent me home with anti-inflammatories and an extended two-week break.

On May 24, a neurosurgeon promised him an operation at the beginning of the summer. Almost four months later, the principal concerned is still without news and his quality of life is deteriorating.

“I can’t stand more than five to ten minutes,” the man said. I haven’t slept in my room for ten months.

Sébastien Brodeur deplores the difficult communication between hospital patients and staff. Despite several attempts, he was unable to obtain an explanation, or to find out the reasons for the delays in his surgery.

He hopes that solutions will be put in place in hospitals to facilitate communication. For example, an identification number that could allow patients to see the progress of their file.

“In my opinion, it would reassure a lot of people,” he said. Even if your surgery is scheduled in ten months and you are on day one, at least you know where you are placed in the structure.

The Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec Integrated University Health and Social Services Center said the surgery waiting list decreased from 1,314 patients to 1,043 between April and August.

The activity rate in Shawinigan is 84%. Users are prioritized based on their medical condition.

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