Other authentic moments from Desjardins and Bleublancrouge

Other authentic moments from Desjardins and Bleublancrouge
Other authentic moments from Desjardins and Bleublancrouge

Desjardins Insurance and Blue White Red have found an original and authentic way to talk about auto and home insurance with the campaign A space where you can be yourself launched last year. Building on this success, the partners continue their momentum this month with new messages that are just as fun.

While many insurers focus on their claims and quotes process, Gardens and Blue White Red have chosen to stand out based on a simple and evocative insight: a house and a car are spaces where you can truly be yourself, and therefore, they deserve to be well protected.

“This benevolent campaign is rooted in people’s daily lives and is inspired by small authentic moments in which many people will recognize themselves,” says Genevieve RousselDirector of Marketing at Gardens.

“For this second year, we have opted for a 30-second TV format to leave more room for stories and dialogue,” adds Brigitte Ledermancreative director at Blue White Red.

“Thanks to its great flexibility and its anchoring in everyday life, the campaign has given rise to several creative partnerships. We have been able and we will be able to see it, among others, on TVA during the new daily Indefensible with humorous messages featuring the characters of the series, on Radio-Canada during the variety show Good evening! and to TVA Sport during hockey games,” underlines Marianne Courchesnedirector of media strategy at Glass room.

Available in French and English, the continuation of this large-scale campaign was launched in March 2022 with two TV spots, four radio spots, digital banners and relevant contextual partnerships. A second phase was then rolled out in August with three additional television spots accompanied by digital versions and a major poster campaign. This range of pieces has also allowed the development of multiple partnerships with different broadcasters.

Customer : Geneviève Roussel, Edith Grondin, Emilie Auger-St-Jean, Melissa Michaud,
Dominique Boucher, Catherine Léveillée, Alexandre Valladon, Baptiste Hortin,
Emmanuella Stratoudakis, Alexandra Clairoux-Trépanier

Agency : Blue White Red
Creation: Brigitte Ledermann, Sebastien Dupras-Rhéaume, Daniel Poirier, Guillame Blanchet
Advice service : Brian Feeny, Krystelle Ruest, Audrey Blondin-Rocheleau, Priscilla Yung
Strategy : Audraine Houel, Claude Larin
Electronic Production: Lisa Fournier, Chantal Wakil
Media: Glass room; Marianne Courchesne, Thi My Lien Dang, Beatriz Cruz
Production : Cinelande
Achievement : Jean-Francois Asselin, Melanie Charbonneau
His : The major

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