Will Quebec be able to seduce you?

Will Quebec be able to seduce you?
Will Quebec be able to seduce you?

MUNICIPAL. Anxious to considerably increase the number of its employees and to find quality people, the City of Quebec is trying to seduce citizens to get them on board the big municipal boat.

Like private companies, Quebec is experiencing issues in terms of manpower, particularly in the information technology sector where technicians and professionals are in high demand. “We have a city to build, insists the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand. Is there anything more extraordinary to say that we participated in building a city, and in positioning it in the world as a city with an influence? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our employees are our greatest asset.”

Quebec’s unemployment rate is still the lowest of any city in Canada. It even went from 2.9% in July to 2.8% in August.

Valuing the work

There are just over 7,000 employees at the City. A survey was conducted among them to find out their perceptions of their employer as well as their expectations. During the municipal council, Councilor Marie-Josée Asselin explained in more detail the actions that will be taken in the coming months. “We want to remain an attractive employer and we want to make ourselves known. We will have more sustained communications, we will have more presence at recruitment activities, more digital advertising, and we will improve our website page. Managers should also promote the values ​​of pride and motivation. »

The employee cycle will also be fine-tuned, from their arrival on the job until their retirement.

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