Anglade will remain at the head of the PLQ, regardless of the result

MONTREAL – Dominique Anglade intends to remain at the head of the Liberal Party of Quebec, regardless of the election results on October 3.

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“My intention is to stay in office and be premier of Quebec,” said the Liberal leader Monday morning during a press briefing held under a rainy sky, for a second consecutive day.

In English, Anglade even used a famous quote from baseball legend Yogi Berra: “It’s not over until it’s over,” she told a reporter who asked if the remaining two weeks would be enough to catch up on the point guard. .

For the record, when Yogi Berra launched his famous sentence in 1973, his team was far behind in the standings, but ended up winning.

Far from fighting for second place, Dominique Anglade has been insisting for several days that she intends to become prime minister on October 3.

She is counting on the next leaders’ debate on Radio-Canada on Thursday to reverse the trend.

The most recent Léger poll, however, credits the PLQ with only 18% of voting intentions. This score places it just ahead of the other opposition parties, but far behind the CAQ, which won 38% of the vote.

There are “two weeks left in the election for October 3 to be prime minister,” she said. “I’m going to be the MP for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne and I’m going to be Premier of Quebec,” she said.

More details will follow.

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