Relocation of the Suncor terminal: the candidates must speak out, demand the citizens | Elections Quebec 2022

Three citizens say they are particularly worried about a risk zone with a radius of 100 meters around the terminal. This area had been delimited by regional public health in a report presented in 2017 and which recommended the relocation of the oil loading terminal located on rue Lebrun.

Citizens are demanding clear commitments from the candidates in the riding of Rimouski.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Philippe Guilbault

The area in question includes the Grand Défi school, which was closed due to the risk run by the students in the event of an industrial accident.

Citizens demand that the terminal be relocated further south, on land already owned by the company in the industrial park.

The City of Rimouski has already indicated that the option of moving had been ruled out, since it was deemed too expensive. Citizens are therefore looking to the next provincial government.

It takes a conductor who has the support levers from both the population and the municipal communityexplains one of these citizens, Martin Poirier, who is also a member of the group No to a black tide in the St. Lawrence.

We base our intervention on public health. It is not ecologists or environmentalists who are speaking to you today, we are citizens concerned with the common good. »

A quote from Martin Poirier, citizen

It was not possible to determine exactly on behalf of how many citizens these three people were speaking. They say they speak in their own names, but be connected with many citizens.

Whether parents who did not want their children to go to school here […] citizens of the neighborhood who share their grievances with us, there was a good citizen group here of about thirty people who constantly went to the municipal councilillustrates Mr. Poirier.

One of Suncor's tanks in the Rimouski-Est district.

Suncor facilities in East Rimouski

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Philippe Guilbault

In 2015, a spill of at least 30,000 liters of gasoline from a crack in a Suncor tank inlet valve occurred. Soils around rue Lebrun had been contaminated, since gasoline had escaped from the retention basin built by the company.

A second spill occurred in 2017, this time from part of a Suncor pipeline near the Rimouski wharf.

A priority for the PQ and QS

The Parti Québécois (PQ) candidate in the riding of Rimouski, Samuel Ouellet, confirms that he is committed to requesting the relocation of the terminal if he is elected.

In addition, there is land available to do so a few hundred meters away.underlines Mr. Ouellet. We have to take the necessary steps, first from an environmental point of view, but also in terms of public safety.

The Québec solidaire candidate, Carol-Ann Kack, also lends her support to citizens and promises to follow this case closely and ifensure action is taken.

If public health recommends something we have a duty to ensure that these recommendations are carried outsaid Ms. Kack in a press release.

More details to come…

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