the “center or winger” debate is back in Montreal

the “center or winger” debate is back in Montreal
the “center or winger” debate is back in Montreal

The Canadian took advantage of his first overall pick to draft a winger last July. And as we know, to fish out a winger at the expense of a center, he must have a tick.

But at the end of the first round, striker Filip Mesar was chosen.

Mesar is a guy who can play in the center, but also on the wing. We have seen it over the past few days since during the three games of the rookie tournament, he sometimes played on the wing, sometimes in the center.

And as Arpon Basu reported, it’s not yet clear if CH want to make him a center or a winger.

It is what happens next, that is to say the next few years of its development, which will (in particular) guide the decision of the Flanelle.

Will we be entitled to another “center or winger” debate for a first choice of the Canadiens? After all, whether it’s with Alex Galchenyuk, Michael McCarron or Jesperi Kotkaniemi, the debate has always raged in town.

Mesar’s case is fascinating as there are still several questions about his next season.

The first, of course, is to know at what level he will play. We know that the young man should play in the AHL and not in the OHL, as he recently claimed.

Europe is not seriously on the table because the CH want to give him experience in a more North American style of play, but we can understand that the young man, who has played for the pros in the past , prefers the AHL to the junior. That said, I would like to see him dominate the OHL, me…

On this subject, even if the CH really wants to keep him here, there would still be demand in Europe for Mesar’s services.

And the other big question has to do with his position.

What you need to know is that it is good to have such a versatile player. He’s an interesting Swiss army knife for his coaches, but one day a decision will have to be made.

I imagine his position will also depend on where he plays. For example, if he takes the road to Kitchener, in the OHL, we should expect to see him play in the center.

If he plays in Laval? The center line is not impenetrable and Jean-François Houle liked the work of the young man in the center, but…

He was given a chance at center and wing during the tournament, and he did well at both positions.

So it’s a bit confusing. – Jean-Francois Houle

But even if Mesar became a winger only two years ago (AKA he’s a natural center), the CH could decide that they have a surplus of center players for the future.

If the duo of Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach wreaks havoc and Owen Beck settles in the third center chair, it could make it very difficult for Mesar, who should go on the wing.

And I haven’t even mentioned Pierre-Luc Dubois…

The CH could therefore, from now on, take the path of the wing to his hope, which would represent a path a bit more logical because of the measurements (5’10, 167 pounds) of the Slovak.

In short, big decisions have to be made. It is to be hoped that the CH does not “burn” another young person on the basis of this debate since even if there are several explanations to speak of Chucky’s setbacks, his position is at the heart of the question.

I don’t think that’s what Mesar is in for, obviously, but I just don’t want the youngster mixed up in his position.

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