Elections: a QS candidate encourages young people to change their address

A week after Québec Solidaire (QS) stopped distributing a leaflet inviting students at the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) to change their address, the party’s candidate in Rimouski, Carol-Ann Kack, is relaunching the invitation.

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In story published on Instagram and Facebook, Carol-Ann Kack recalled that it is always possible to make a change of address, and this, until Monday.

Although the story by Mme Kack is not directly aimed at students, it is aimed at this age group. “If only 18-34 year olds voted, it would look like this,” she wrote, sharing a photo of an almost entirely orange electoral card, thus illustrating a strong united majority.

The Leaflet War

Remember that last week, QS withdrew a flyer inviting UdeS students to change their residence address to that of their campus. In this pamphlet, we indicated how to proceed with a change of address, a strategy that leaves something to be desired from a legal point of view.

“The electoral law recognizes the right to vote where you mainly reside,” it read.

After receiving an unfavorable opinion from the Director General of Elections of Quebec (DGEQ), the party stopped distributing this leaflet, reported The Journal of Quebec last week.

The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) has also been talked about over the past week because of a flyer that imitated the colors of QS. In this leaflet, the party of François Legault denounced the “orange tax” proposed by QS, considering that this measure consists of “taxing the family”, “taxing work”, “taxing retirement” and “taxing inheritance”.

The CAQ indicated on Sunday morning that it was suspending its distribution while verifying the legality of the process.

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