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Legault resumes the distribution of leaflets against the “orange tax” of QS

(Saint-Ubalde) After a brief suspension, François Legault resumes the distribution of his electoral leaflets against the “orange tax” of Quebec solidaire (QS), pleading that this operation is legal.

Posted at 11:47 a.m.
Updated at 1:40 p.m.

Tommy Chouinard
The Press

Over the past few days, citizens have seen a leaflet from the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) appear on the windshield of their car in the colors of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ party, green and orange. “The Québec solidaire plan aims to take ever more money from the wallet of the middle class”, we can read. In particular, QS is accused of wanting to “penalize people who have worked hard and who have put money aside all their lives”, for example by increasing the tax rate for Quebecers earning more than $90,080 a year. .

A municipal source reported Saturday to The Press that with its leaflets, the CAQ violates municipal regulations. In article 47 of the Regulation respecting good citizenship, respect and cleanliness, we can indeed read that it is “prohibited to place any paper on a vehicle parked on public property, except for a statement of offence”. Violation is punishable by a fine of $1000 to $1500.

“Our legal team is checking whether it is legal or not. In the meantime, we have chosen to stop distribution, ”said François Legault during a press conference on Sunday morning.

However, at the beginning of the afternoon, the CAQ informed the journalists that “after verifications, the Election Act takes precedence over the municipal regulations of Montreal”.

“Since the Election Act allows the distribution of election materials by political parties and does not regulate the methods of distribution, we can therefore believe that the distribution of our leaflet is authorized and perfectly legal. »

The party therefore resumed the distribution of leaflets.

It is important for Mr. Legault “to inform Quebecers” about the new “taxes” proposed by QS and about the increased debt provided for in the financial framework of this party. “Quebecers need to know that before the BVA on September 25”, the start of advance voting, he argued.

In front of the church of Saint-Ubalde in Portneuf, François Legault promised to increase by 10 million per year from 2023 two programs which aim, on the one hand, the preservation of the religious heritage and, on the other hand, the requalification of “surplus” churches. These two programs have a total envelope of $20 million per year at this time.

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