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From victim of sexual exploitation to Liberal candidate in Lac-Saint-Jean

A former victim of sexual exploitation, Tricia Murray has not only come out of the shadows, but is even running as a Liberal candidate in Lac-Saint-Jean. She is trying to jump into politics to give hope to women who are going through this terrible ordeal.

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“I myself believed that it was impossible to get out of it, that it had broken me forever and that I could never do anything again because I was a victim of sexual exploitation. I was forced to sleep with more than ten guys a day for a while, but it’s possible to get out of it and aspire to a better life, “she says in an interview.

The 29-year-old woman lived hidden behind the pseudonym Lau Ga for more than two years, for fear of reprisals from her executioner. Last April, at the end of the trial, his pimp finally went to prison.

Events that require a long period of healing are still relatively recent.

An employee of the Liberal Party of Quebec, she nevertheless agreed to campaign in her part of the country, a riding that is historically not very sympathetic to the Liberals. The last victory of the PLQ in this riding dates back to 1973.

Stop living for 3 years

But Tricia Murray no longer wants to hide. If certain “fears” remain because of the traumas she has suffered, the candidate refuses that fear takes over her existence.

Photo QMI Agency, Roger Gagnon

“I stopped living for almost three years because I was scared. (When he) was released after his arrest, I was told to hide, not to say where I was staying, not to give my name, not to give my address, and I don’t want to no longer live hidden, she said. (I lived) hidden because the justice system is not tough enough or because the system fails to protect victims. No, it’s not up to us to live in hiding!

bad encounters

She wants her story to serve the cause of victims of sexual exploitation, whose journey is strewn with pitfalls even after denouncing their pimp.

Out of the shadows and now in the spotlight, the aspiring MP is aware of the increased risks of meeting former clients that her pimp forced her to see. Moreover, this kind of bad encounters has already happened.

“The first time [j’ai vécu ça] pretty hard to be honest, she said. But I’ve evolved a lot from that, I don’t have to be ashamed that they committed a criminal act. […] I didn’t do anything criminal and I was exploited, I was forced to do that, while they bought my services often several times deliberately.

Tricia Murray now wants to be the voice of Lac-Saint-Jean voters in the National Assembly.

The article is in French

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