A candidate fails the PLQ

The PLQ had to quickly replace its candidate in Joliette, even if signs bearing his name had already been installed.

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Indeed, Malek Arab was the candidate approached to wear the liberal colors in Joliette.

Photos obtained by our Parliamentary Office even show signs in his name and with his photo already installed in the constituency.

But now, the liberal team claims to have been unable to reach Mr. Arab in the last few days. “We couldn’t find him anymore. Poor sound, poor image,” says a liberal source.

It is therefore Diana Mélissa Crispin who was registered on the official electoral list made public yesterday.

A nuclear medicine technologist and resident of Laval, Ms. Crispin is presented as a “health” candidate for the Liberal team.

“The previously announced candidate, Malek Arab, has been forced to step down as official candidate in Joliette for personal reasons,” said a statement released yesterday.

This new tile is in addition to other disclaimers at the start of the campaign for the Liberal team. The candidates in Vanier-Les-Rivières, Richmond and Mégantic left for professional reasons, while another withdrew in Charlesbourg due to controversial remarks.

In Jean-Talon, once a Liberal stronghold, the director of research for the PLQ finally left the caravan of the leader to stand as a candidate after several days without a candidate in the riding.

Moreover, the Liberal Party did not manage to complete its team of candidates this year. Due to an error on the application form, Harley Lounsbury will not be able to compete in Matane-Matapédia. The PLQ therefore finds itself with 124 candidates in the running, out of 125 ridings. The PLQ’s legal team plans to challenge the DGEQ’s decision.

In the last days, the formation engaged in a sprint to complete its team.

Last Wednesday, 73 candidates were confirmed. The next day, the PLQ officially had 91 candidates in the running.

Yesterday, the registration deadline, six candidates remained to be confirmed.

Upon learning of the rejection of her candidate in Matane-Matapédia yesterday, the Liberal leader did not hide her dissatisfaction.

“I don’t have the details and we’re going to have internal conversations… serious internal conversations, but I don’t have the details on that,” she said. calling the situation “unacceptable”.

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