Lotto Max: $70 million jackpot up for grabs

The Lotto Max draw on Tuesday, September 20 will give Quebecers the opportunity to win approximately $93 million, including the jackpot and Maxmillions

The prize pool will consist of a jackpot of $70 million and approximately 23 Maxmillions. The results of the draw will be available on the Loto-Québec website.
Since its launch in Quebec, Lotto Max has won more than $3,195 million for residents of La Belle Province. In all, 39 jackpots were won, including three of $70 million, constituting the biggest jackpots ever won in Quebec. Two of them were won in 2020, and the last one dates from June 7, 2022.
Quebecers also had the chance to win 16 grand prizes ranging in amount from $50 to $65 million.
188 Maxmillions worth $1 million each have also been distributed in the province since the beginning.

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