New Brunswick Minister Dominic Cardy will soon visit Ukraine

This democracy enthusiast has already set foot in Ukraine. He went there in 2014 during the revolution against the Russians, when he was working for an international organization. It was just before making the leap into politics.

This time, he will set foot there personally and at his own expense, he insists, after a short stop in London as a minister to participate in an international conference on education.

A Ukrainian sits in front of a ruined building in Mariupol.

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There’s not much I can do as a politician, but as a person, I can seek to connect and encourage our New Brunswick businesses and citizens to participate in rebuilding Ukraine.

It’s my vacation, I pay. It will not be a time to relax, because we face a democratic crisis. It is a time for everyone to make sacrifices. For my part, if I can establish contacts, it’s the least I can do. »

A quote from Dominic Cardy, New Brunswick Minister of Education

During his visit, which is expected to last 7 to 10 days, he will seek to get a clearer idea of ​​what Ukrainians need to recover from the war that has been raging for almost seven months. He intends to visit devastated areas and discuss with the people there. The cities of Lviv, Kharkiv (the second largest city in the country) and the capital kyiv are on his itinerary.

Many communities have suffered damage and destruction caused by the Russian armyhe points out.

Of course, there is also the whole issue of security surrounding this personal journey. On this, Dominic Cardy prefers to remain discreet in order to avoid possible problems for him and his team.

In my old job, I visited places where there were conflicts. I am used to working in a dangerous environment. It’s always good to have a level of fear in a dangerous situation. You are aware of the risks and the environment. We will be taken care of and we have no intention of causing any problems.he assures.

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