34-storey fatal fall in Montreal: impressing his friends during a party costs him his life

A resident of one of the Canadian towers in downtown Montreal fell to his death last winter while doing pull-ups from his 34th-floor balcony to impress his friends, confirms the coroner’s report recently made public.

Neil Charran Mahadeo came to an atrocious end on February 13 after a drunken evening in his condo.

It was 5:50 a.m. when the police were called to the foot of the imposing condo tower on Saint-Antoine Street West. A few meters from the main entrance, they discovered the body of the 31-year-old man in a terrible state. This one had just made an accidental fall from 34 floors. It was an obvious death and no transport to the hospital was necessary.

” [Il] wanted to impress a friend by doing push-ups outside the railing of the balcony of his apartment, when he lost his grip and fell into the void”, can we read in the report of Me Donald Nicole , the coroner in charge of the case.


The Montrealer had partied at his home with friends in the hours leading up to his death. The toxicological analyzes carried out at the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine showed that Mr. Mahadeo had a blood alcohol level representing more than twice the alcohol limit permitted for driving. Traces of amphetamines were also found.

During the party, the 30-year-old performed this reckless maneuver a few times in order to impress his friends, according to the coroner. He had no diagnosed medical condition, was not taking prescription medication, and had not made suicidal remarks before the accident. In addition, the police investigation ruled that no sign of third party intervention was observed on the spot.

“All of the information collected shows that Mr. Mahadeo’s death was the result of a reckless act when he was intoxicated by alcohol,” added coroner Nicole.

– With Jonathan Tremblay

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