Murder of Lise Danais: the jurors deliberate

This Franco-Manitoban was found dead on March 26, 2019, in her residence in Southdale, Winnipeg.

For nearly two hours on Wednesday, Judge Anne Turner explained to the jurors her instructions so that they could render their verdict. She recalled the evidence presented during the trial, in particular the various testimonies heard.

Now in deliberation, the jurors will have to determine if the accused teenager committed the premeditated murder of Lise Danais.

They will wonder, more specifically, if the accused did indeed kill Lise Danais and if it was intentional and premeditated.

If the jurors believe that the murder was not premeditated, therefore, that it was not planned, the defendant could still be convicted of second degree murder.

If there is a reasonable doubt, the accused must be exonerated, Judge Turner told the jury.

In this case, the accused cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. CBC/Radio-Canada may also omit certain details so as not to identify him, since he was a minor at the time of the events.

On Wednesday afternoon, private investigator Kristin Bibik, mandated by the family of Lise Danais, informed Radio-Canada that the investigation to gather evidence against a person other than the accused has been suspended for the moment. .

Kristin Bibik wouldn’t say if any evidence was amassed following the family’s Jan. 5, 2022, public outing for privacy reasons.

She said that the continuation of the private investigation will depend on the family’s intentions following the jury’s verdict and that the family remains motivated to find out who killed Lise Danais.

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