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The Final Scene and Other Leaked Footage

the Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie has just been released today, and we are already entitled to leaks. Indeed, some images and videos are already leaking on Chinese social networks, and by extension on all other networks. What follows therefore contains sensitive information, and these spoilers show you absolutely every important moment in the film. If you don’t want to be spoiled, we advise you to leave the page now. For the others, we find ourselves just below.

These images also confirm the complete summary of the Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie, which we published yesterday. It’s an extremely long and detailed summary that provides all the answers to the leaked images and videos below. In summary, it should be remembered that:

  • The final boss is Cell Max, a giant robot
  • Piccolo has a new transformation: Orange Piccolo
  • Gohan has a new transformation: Final Gohan

small nuance : Whereas Orange Piccolo is indeed the name of the orange form of Piccolo (it is said in the film), the name of Final Gohan does not appear in the film. It was the fans who named it that.

Final Gohan Transformation (New Transformation)

Final GohanWhere Gohan Blanco for those who will have the reference, is the new transformation of Gohan in this film. She arrives when Gohan thinks that Piccolo is dead at the hands of Cell Max, and we then witness a transformation scene where Final Gohan has long hair (but in the air), white or gray, and red eyes.

Final Gohan vs. Cell Max

In the film, Gamma 1 explains that Dr. Hedo engineered a weak point for Cell Max, in case he became a threat. This weak spot resides at the top of his head. This is where you have to aim, and Final Gohan will fire a powerful Makankosappo while Piccolo (giant) immobilizes Cell. Final Gohan’s attack breaks Cell Max’s skull and he dies.

Final Gohan kills Cell Max (best quality)

Final Gohan

Final Gohan has a white aura with a purple glow and purple lightning. His aura vibrates like that of Super Saiyans (not like Ultra Instinct). His hair is white/grey, and much longer than his ultimate form. He has red eyes, and a huge lock that falls in front.

Cell Max

Cell Max is the ultimate creation of Dr. Hedo, and the final boss of the Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie. It is a giant robot, and not finished because it was activated by Magenta before the end of the creation process. It is therefore an incomplete, failed robot, which does not know how to speak, but is extremely powerful.

Orange Piccolo

Piccolo has two transformations in the DBS Super Hero movie. The first is a transformation with the potential awakened by Shenron. This is what we see in the trailers of the film. The second form is a power-up he calls Orange Piccolo, where Piccolo has an orange body, and is much beefier. He is also about 1 meter taller, but not giant. On the other hand, in the film, he will still turn into a giant.

Orange Piccolo and Final Gohan

In this image, Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo look at each other as if to say, “What the hell is that!? “. It sums up quite well the reactions of the fans in front of this film where the transformations fuse.

Orange Piccolo Final Gohan

The family of Dr. Gero, C-21, and C-16


Broly, Cheelai, Lemo


Written by manga creator Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is the first film in the franchise to be produced entirely in CGI, which earned it a lot of criticism when it was announced. However, recent trailers for the film have largely won fans over, as revealed our poll on Twitter.

Super Hero is the second animated film, after Dragon Ball Super Broly, to settle after the events of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. Besides, this film takes place 3 years after the 2018 film Broly, and the characters have had time to evolve, each in their own way. The film will be released on June 11 in cinemas in Japan, and this summer 2022 in France. Will you go see him?

The article is in French

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