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The mourning of oneself

Nicolas MENET, the Director of Silver Valley, was interviewed by Kombini News. He explains to us that he is suffering from a fatal brain cancer, how he has accepted what he calls “mourning for oneself”.

Nicolas MENET is an influential actor and great expert in the Silver Economy and the Demographic Transition. He was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma.

In this testimony, which he invited us to relay, Nicolas MENET gives us a message of great analytical clarity, with all the humanity that characterizes him. A real lesson in courage, a lesson in life.

This testimony invites us all to reflect on the end of life and euthanasia: “cis a need and a demand of society“. The question is asked of the limits of French legislation in this area, a question also raised in 2021 when Paulette Guinchard, former secretary of state for the elderly and deputy for Doubs, had chosen to die by assisted suicide in Switzerland.

Thanks to him for this message.

Published by the Editorial Board on

November 24, 2022

The article is in French

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