great sex is possible

great sex is possible
great sex is possible

Parkinson’s disease combines motor and non-motor symptoms, some of which affect sexuality. To start, “the biochemical modifications linked to the dysfunction of dopaminergic neurons cause alterations” physical behavior, notes the France Parkinson association.

In effect, “hypertonia, tremor or the occurrence of abnormal movements, in addition to slowness and rigidity, are a brake or become a constraint during certain positions or caresses”.

To this motor impairment is added “an alteration of the autonomic nervous system which corresponds to the automatic regulation of functions such as intestinal transit, heart rate, perspiration…”, continues France Parkinson. However, in humans, erection or ejaculation are part of the mechanisms requiring significant control of the autonomic nervous system. In women, disorders of the central nervous system result in reduced lubrication.

This can be associated with a hormonal deficit resulting in a decrease or even loss of libido and/or orgasm.

Medical solutions

Faced with these problems that may seem complex, there are solutions. The doctor can establish a hormonal assessment in order to set up a local hormone replacement treatment as well as creams and substitute products in particular. The benefit of testosterone replacement therapy in men or hormone replacement therapy for menopause in women can also be discussed.

The risk of hypersexuality

However, the most important problem that patients often face is related to a behavioral disorder. In effect, “In people with Parkinson’s, the degradation of dopaminergic pathways associated with the chronic and constant use of dopaminergic replacement therapy may be responsible for a dysregulation of systems related to the control of sexual behavior”, explains the association.

This can lead to the most common sexual behavior disorder in Parkinson’s patients: hypersexuality.

This can be expressed in different ways, such as repeated and excessive requests for sexual intercourse, multiple partners, compulsive use of pornography, new sexual orientations, etc. This is why it is essential to be prepared for this eventuality. “Careful monitoring by those around you is essential to inform the medical profession and thus stop the increase in treatment doses”, recommends France Parkinson. “The adjustment of the treatment is generally enough to put an end to these disorders. »

Source: France Parkinson

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