In Aubais, the Vidourlenque shines the Festival of Days in the Country

In Aubais, the Vidourlenque shines the Festival of Days in the Country
In Aubais, the Vidourlenque shines the Festival of Days in the Country

The Country Day Festival was organized on Friday June 17 at the La Vidourlenque manade in Aubais as part of the support plan for the manades of the territories of the Territorial Balance Pole. More than two hundred people were welcomed by the host, Thierry Tessier, and his daughter Isabé.

It was Jean-Marie Espuche, ornithologist and naturalist, who presented the Camargue, made of alluvial deposits from the Rhône to Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. “It was created 20,0000 years ago and deep links unite man and his environment there. And the bull also grew up in this humid environment. Man used it to pull plows and then I had the idea of ​​locking it up in a yard for fun. Afterwards, codes were put in place and it was not until 1852 and Napoleon III that the bullfight was released. Then there was the anchoring in the tradition. This is how we went from a wild bull, to a working bull and to a play bull.”

Thierry Tessier then took over. With his outspokenness and his simplicity of expression, he presented his mount, described the harnessing of the Camargue horse before taking everyone to the meadow next door to attend the sorting of an anouble and its marking. Then, wedged in the shade of the trees, it was time for an aperitif and tasting of an excellent gardiane.

“It’s an enrichment for everyone”

This day was amazingsays the manadier. People came from everywhere, tourists who knew nothing and who understood the why and how of the thing. They discovered a place unknown to them. I had good feedback. It is an enrichment for everyone and a good way to exchange in a friendly atmosphere with new knowledge. If it happens again, I’m in for 100 %. It’s a very good project and a good way to make our culture known. Whoever shares continues, whoever does not share kills himself.

Next day, June 26, at the Agniel herd, at Cailar.

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