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Cathy Gauthier confirms her separation

Cathy Gauthier confirms her separation
Cathy Gauthier confirms her separation

Comedian Cathy Gauthier made a surprising announcement last week on her radio show The boost to Energy.

While talking about romantic relationships, she took the opportunity to announce that she is no longer married to the father of her daughter.

His two co-hosts, Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Martin Tremblay, seemed surprised by this announcement, which was perhaps not on the program.

She states: ” I’m telling you, I’m not married anymore “, adding” I’m single. I’m telling you because everyone was writing to tell me I had lost weight recently and wanted to know what my thing was. »

In commentary, the comedian adds: It’s nice but know that I’m very well and sometimes the separation is for the best. We get along really well, we have a good bond and a lot of respect for each other! »

You can see his announcement in the video below (more precisely at 2 minutes 40).

The couple had a daughter in April 2018, named Alice.

We wish them the best for the future.

Note that Cathy Gauthier is currently on tour with her show Classic.

The red carpet of his Montreal premiere had attracted a lot of stars.

The article is in French

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