The king’s “sexy” squire appeals to internet users

Over the commemorations of the death of Queen Elizabeth, the squire of King Charles III caught the eye of several Internet users.

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Major Jonathan Thompson, “Johnny” for friends, has indeed been seen several times since the death of the sovereign on September 8.

He was notably with Prime Minister Liz Struss when she met the new king for the first time.


“The Prime Minister is the envy of the whole world. One meeting a week with Johnny, uh I mean with King Charles,” joked a surfer on Twitter.

Major “Johnny” was also seen behind Charles III during his official proclamation at St. James’s Palace.

The squire has been working closely for several years when he was one of the queen’s bodyguards.

A member of the 5th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, he is often dressed in a kilt, to the delight of his new fans.

Unfortunately for his admirers, “Major eye candy” (the major who is candy for the eyes”) has been married since 2010.

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