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An antivax who attacked a vaccination center pleads guilty

A man who was against the vaccination against COVID-19, committing several misdeeds at a Portneuf vaccination center and even attacking a security guard when he was caught in the act, pleaded guilty by admitting to having “went off track” due to his concern over the vaccine.

Converted into a COVID-19 vaccination clinic, the Grand Portneuf golf club chalet had been the target of mischief in the winter of 2022, so the company had hired a 24-hour security guard to protect the premises. . Early in the morning of March 20, 2022, the security guard had sniffed out a suspect when he saw a vehicle in the parking lot around 5 a.m.

Seeing the suspect smash a building window with an axe, the 65-year-old security guard tried to intercept the criminal, who however defended himself with his weapon. At the end of the altercation, the security guard had received a blow to the back of the head in addition to having a broken hand. The suspect, who had fled, was quickly tracked down by the police who were called to the scene.


On Thursday, Samuel Doré appeared in court, repentant, to plead guilty to charges of assault with a weapon causing injury, mischief and possession of a burglary tool. “I was very worried about the vaccination,” commented the 44-year-old man after pleading guilty.

“I had a great-uncle who had Bell’s palsy 48 hours after he got vaccinated. Even if the doctor said there was no link, I had a big doubt, and I had a nephew that I thought his mother was going to have him vaccinated, so it worried me a lot, “said he recounted.

“I slipped, I should never have done that,” continued Samuel Doré. “I regret my action and I especially regret having hurt the security guard. He didn’t deserve it. He is a brave man,” he continued.

For his part, Judge Christian Boulet underlined the courage of the security officer, Richard Nolet, who was present at the hearing. His employer estimated the value of the misdeeds during this period at $20,000, adding that the damage ceased after Doré’s arrest.

The resident of Portneuf, who has no criminal record, will return in December to find out his sentence. A pre-sentence report has been requested for the man at large during the proceedings.

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