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TWICE’s Stalker Nayeon Returns To Korea, JYP Reacts, Fans Are Worried

TWICE’s Stalker Nayeon Returns To Korea, JYP Reacts, Fans Are Worried
TWICE’s Stalker Nayeon Returns To Korea, JYP Reacts, Fans Are Worried

Stalkers have been one of the biggest threats to any K-pop idol in the K-pop industry and the term “sasaeng” is familiar to many of them.

TWICE’s Nayeon also has an international “sasaeng” and it seems his obsession with her prompted him to return to South Korea on her birthday. On September 22, YouTuber Josh posted a video on his channel, “Josh1994.” In the video titled “Happy Birthday Nayeon!! the sasaeng wished the idol a happy birthday and explained that he had returned to South Korea to meet her and give her gifts on her birthday.

Nayeon has been stalked by this person since 2019, and fans have reported that Josh has talked about attacking the TWICE member in the past. In 2021, the sasaeng allegedly tried to get in touch with Nayeon several times when he boarded the same flight as her in order to meet her. Not only that, but Josh threatened to kill her if she dated anyone other than him. Due to this threat from a sasaeng, fans have started to worry about Nayeon’s safety and it looks like JYP Entertainment is now taking action on it.

JYP Entertainment has shared their initial response to the news that Nayeon’s stalker has arrived in Korea.

In a short statement to Xportnews, JYP Entertainment shared their initial stance regarding Naeyeon’s stalker, who recently returned to Korea with the intention of tracking her down to deliver her birthday presents.

“We are currently discussing our official response with the various departments concerned. » —JYP Entertainment

TWICE's Nayeon Stalker Returns To Korea, JYP Reacts, Fans Are Worried

However, fans are still worried about Nayeon. Here are some comments:

  • “JYPE must protect Nayeon because this stalker Josh has landed in Korea and it’s his birthday and he will probably target birthday projects or birthday coffee trucks. What’s the point of a restraining order if it never happened??? »
  • “Nayeon (josh) stalker video appears on youtube. He’s in Korea right now. Please protect Nayeon at all costs. »
  • “How is Josh NOT locked up yet. »
  • “Josh is a nayeon stalker and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t date him. »

We hope there will be no incidents with this person and that Nayeon is well protected.

The article is in French

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