Charles III: when will he be crowned?

Charles III: when will he be crowned?
Charles III: when will he be crowned?

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday September 8, a question has been on everyone’s lips. When will the coronation of Charles III take place?

Whereas the funeral of Elizabeth II has just put an end to her reign, this Monday, September 19, all eyes are now on his heir, Charles III. If he immediately became king on the death of his mother on September 8, and was officially declared sovereign two days later during the proclamation ceremony, the eldest son of Elizabeth II will have to wait a few more months before being crowned.

This deadline is a mark of respect towards the previous regent and also makes it possible to organize this grandiose ceremony. Indeed, like his mother, crowned sixteen months after the death of his own father the king George VIin June 1953, Charles III will be dressed in his regalia within the grounds of Westminster Abbey. He will then receive the sacred oil, the orb and the two scepters of the sovereign from the hands of the Archbishop of Canterburywhich will end up place the crown on his head.

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The most opportune time

Furthermore, this long period of preparation could also allow the new king to to be more appreciated by the British. In effect, King Charles IIIwho did not enjoy great popularity when he was crown prince, still has to prove itself. Moreover, the organization of such celebrations, synonymous with luxury and pomp, could be frowned upon as the population crosses a period of high inflation. If the definitive date of the coronation is not still not knownit is because it will have to be considered with the current Prime Minister Liz Truss, in order to choose the most opportune moment for the British people.

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