Raped by his teacher for several years, he recounts his stolen childhood in a book

Raped by his teacher for several years, he recounts his stolen childhood in a book
Raped by his teacher for several years, he recounts his stolen childhood in a book

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In his autobiographical story “The Wednesday Man”, author Franck Gayet recounts how he was raped from 5th to 12th grade by one of his teachers. Facts that would have occurred in the 1980s at the Lycée Lapérouse in Albi.

“I feel Mr. A approaching, he soon sticks to the table, camped full height just in front of me. Passing through the corridor, Mr. A walks around my desk to better look at my copy on the left side. What I I feel then, it’s his cock against my shoulder. Casually, I step aside, but gently, and not too much either, to act as if nothing is happening, to maintain a respectful and irreproachable behavior.

This excerpt from Franck Gayet’s book published this fall by L’Harmattan editions does not mention any name, school or city. But it is not very difficult to recognize in the descriptions made over the pages the Lycée Lapérouse in Albi. He describes his teacher there as paunchy with a black beard, a leftist Christian willingly giving lessons and having the microphone open on a local Catholic radio station.

Married and father

Franck Gayet signed his book three weeks ago at the FNAC in Albi. We met him. “When I returned to Lapérouse, I was 10 years old. I come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. So, integrating such a prestigious downtown high school, I experienced it with my parents as a social elevator”.

Franck is a very good student. He did not leave indifferent this teacher, married and father of a family who first showered him with praise. After rubbing and some touching within the class itself, this man will take advantage of Franck’s absence due to illness to become embedded in his family. “He introduced himself to my parents saying that I was an extraordinary student. He brought me books and homework.”

This Wednesday meeting will continue. As private lessons, it is mainly sexual touching and then a rape of which he will be the victim, while he is in 5th grade. “I haven’t spoken to anyone about it.” In the words of Franck Gayet, neither hatred nor desire for revenge. “I simply want to make my story known so that it does not repeat itself on others”.

Ancient Greece as a pretext

During the college years, the rapes follow one another. On page 135, the professor justifies himself to his student: “In ancient Greece what we do is commonplace. This is part of the education process. The adolescent must discover his body and his mind in order to achieve excellence”.

When he started high school, still in the same school, Franck was attracted to girls. The predatory teacher is sticky, insistent. More episodic, the sexual relations continue all the same and will last many more years, until Terminale. “At 20, he must have thought I was too old,” Franck smiles sadly. The relationship becomes epistolary.

In his book, the author says that he was summoned to the Albi police station in 2020. This teacher had been placed in police custody for a case similar to his, still on a young student. Questioned by a brigadier, he will eventually file a complaint. The police station did not find any trace of this hearing. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has no current investigation. Where is this case? We have no answer to this question.

We contacted the teacher in question. In Reunion, he did not respond to our requests. Resident in Albi until 2020, now retired, this man lives today with a terrible accusation: having stolen the childhood of one of his students.

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