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GARD The Huguenots told by the remarkable Samuel Bastide

Jean-Paul Chabrol and Daniel Travier, under the aegis of Alcide editions, put the work of Samuel Bastide into perspective with the book Les Huguenots. A book to read, of course, to narrate and to have in your library.

It is rare to have a surprising book in your hands. With the latest from Alcide, a Nîmes publishing house that deals with regional subjects, this is indeed the case. Indeed, Les Huguenots is special, apart. Just as was apart its instigator, Samuel Bastide. His work, immense, was condensed by Jean-Paul Chabrol and Daniel Travier, president of the association Les Amis de Maison-Rouge – Museum of the Cévennes valleys and custodian of the work of Samuel Bastide. He selected the illustrations for the first time thus reproduced.

The book Les Huguenots (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Publisher Yann Cruvellier welcomes this: “Here is an exceptional publication. Samuel Bastide was a voice in the service of a talented storyteller. We find this gift through his conferences teeming with anecdotes, knowing how to hold the listener in suspense: a popular story in the best sense of the term. We wanted with this book to restore the magic of this epic story.

From the first reformed to the first exiles, from the galley slaves to the prisoners of the Tower of Constance, including Marie Durand, via the Camisards and their emblematic leader Rolland, Samuel Bastide has illustrated the history of the Huguenots in six major chapters.

The artist devoted part of his life to designing conference-projections for which he produced nearly 2,300 glass plates! More than 200 were selected for this book, a tribute to a work of exceptional quality, the result of cutting-edge research. The expressiveness of the silhouettes, the precision of the features, the richness of the designs have marked generations, like the voice and storytelling talent of Samuel Bastide. The strength of the images and the story are all the more striking.

The book Les Huguenots (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Yann Cruvellier continues: “More than 200 illustrations are reproduced! Samuel Bastide’s unique and recognizable graphics are a source of wonder and surprise: his glass plates had not been seen since the end of his lectures in the 1960s. This is the first time that his work has been unveiled in this way. in book form. We have chosen to restore what was one of the major axes of his production, the history of the Huguenots, by following the six conferences he had elaborated, from the Reformation to the Revolution.

Storyteller, narrator, Samuel Bastide thus made the history of the Huguenots travel as he had drawn it. A journey which allowed a reinforcement of identity or, at least, which saved the idea that our ancestors had of theirs. Another idea was hidden behind Yann Cruvellier’s head, that of surprising. Won !

The book Les Huguenots (Photo Anthony Maurin).

The idea was to surprise with beauty, with visual impact, and that goes back to everything we said and everything we want to do. It even gives ideas! Bastide was self-taught but he did a lot of thoughtful research before embarking on his illustrated lectures. We understand this in the biography which ends the book Les Huguenots. We understand why this guy did all this and how he did it. Everything is hyper-documented but it was important to shed light on a historian like Chabrol.

Let’s talk about the authors. These beautiful, colorful pieces are complemented by a portrait of the artist that sheds new light on an original work. Historian Jean-Paul Chabrol accompanies the narration by putting this page in the history of France into perspective. It also brings the expertise of the historian, putting into perspective each of the main parts and introducing additional details for each visual. Not only do we retain the pleasure of the story proposed by Samuel Bastide, but we thus benefit from a clear historical perspective.

At the end of the book Les Huguenots, about twenty pages recall the life of Samuel Bastide, who was this “sower of words and images” (Photo Anthony Maurin).

A graduate of the University, associate professor of history and geography, Jean-Paul Chabrol taught for a long time at the University Institute for teacher training in Aix-en-Provence. He is the author of around thirty reference works on the Cévennes, the war of the Camisards, Protestant prophetism, the “Stupid“of Gevaudan..

For his part and founder of the Maison Rouge museum, Daniel Travier paints a sensitive portrait of the complex and rich personality of Samuel Bastide. Coming from a Protestant family from Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Daniel Travier is a graduate engineer from INSA Lyon, ethnographer and historian, he built up the collections and founded the Museum of the Cévennes Valleys, the transfer of which he directed to Red House.

The book Les Huguenots (Photo Anthony Maurin).

In this ancient work, everything is new. Even the cover highlights the notion of projection. These assemblies organized by Samuel Bastide, in more or less large rooms, were to bring together hundreds of people. His drawn, even painted glass plates must have thrilled young and old alike, curious to know more.

The cover is innovative. We wanted to recall a projection of images as Bastide did them in his time. Frédéric Cartier-Langue, who took care of the cover, did a wonderful job, it clashes in the good sense of the term. The book is not only addressed to Protestants, it is much broader! 60 years later we can do the same thing but we were really interested in the way in which Samuel Bastide succeeded in transmitting emotions through Chinese shadows, silhouettes. There are over 200 illustrations which were all on glass plates. In all, there are more than 2,400 on just about every subject“, concludes Yann Cruvellier.

Alcide’s website. Les Huguenots a story illustrated by Samuel Bastide, price 35 euros. 192 pages in 24.5cmX29cm format. A conference will take place at the Maison du protestantisme around the book Les Huguenots on December 7 at 6 p.m. in the presence of the two authors, Jean-Paul Chabrol and Daniel Travier.

Anthony Maurin

The article is in French

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