Saint-Paterne-Racan: 28 authors will come together for the Book Festival | The mail

Saint-Paterne-Racan: 28 authors will come together for the Book Festival | The mail
Saint-Paterne-Racan: 28 authors will come together for the Book Festival | The mail

By Lucile Ageron
Published on 25 Nov 22 at 10:48

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Fabrice Brault, private detective, is the guest of honor at the Salon du livre organized in Saint-Paterne-Racan. ©Fabrice Brault

After the success last year for the first book party organized by Pierre Orgeur, a native of Saint-Paterne-Racan (Indre-et-Loire) and author of many books on the peasant life of this territory, he decided, in agreement with the municipality and the support of many partners, to renew this animation.

The second Book Festival will therefore be held Sunday, November 27, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Gabriel room in Saint-Paterne-Racan. It will bring together for the occasion 28 authors.

Fabrice Brault, guest of honor

L’guest of honor of this edition will be Fabrice Brault, private detective settled in Tours.

He will come to present his new book “Profession détective” and he will explain how one chooses this profession, what is its role. It will also reveal some of the tricks of the trade.

The program

In his new book which he will present, Pierre Orgeur, the organizer of the event, wonders about this subject: “Are the social hierarchy and the very often attached labels a brake on the expression of romantic feelings? »

At the same time, the author tackles the thorny subject of professional success. In other words, can you come from the bottom, without a high level diploma, and reach the top of the company that employs you? This questioning led to the writing of “A revealed ambition”, his latest novel.

Next to him will be:

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  • Rock Audin which will present “The disappeared municipalities of Touraine”.
  • Wendy Ring and his book “The Flower of Age”.
  • Jean Pierre Rod which will make you discover what is hidden “Behind its curtains”.
  • Gerard Candela who wants to be “The savior of Chambord”.
  • lydia Delanoue who will be accompanied by “Eugène Farcot, the master of clocks and aerostats”.
  • Alain Dennis which will make you participate in a “Guet-Apents à Châteaucreux” with Nelly Harcadiaux.
  • Fabrice Fate which will unveil the mystery of “Table 5” which deals with an unsolved case.
  • Carol Evan which looks at the enigma of the “Orphan Socks” with four mothers.
  • Vianney Frain who tries with “And the devil laughs with us”, to solve some somewhat shady cases.
  • The association History & Heritage will offer nostalgics the opportunity to relive in photos the key events of the end of the 20th century in our territory thanks to “Le studio de l’Escotais”, produced for the 20th anniversary of the association.
  • Martine Hubert Pellier who is interested in stones will invite you to lend an ear because “In Touraine, the stones tell us”.
  • Tony Jagu who looked at the biography of “Seberg-Gary, an uninterrupted quest”.
  • Karine Labbeauthor from Tours, will present her books for young children: the 4 adventures of “Lou”.
  • Jean-Noel LewandowskiLoir-et-Chérien by adoption, which since 2007 has devoted itself mainly to writing and publishing for associations, will offer “Stryon”, its twentieth published work.
  • Agnes Marine will give you “Family Portraits” with a lucid and full of humanity look at a family like so many others where everyone’s balance is at stake for better or for worse.
  • Aline Mery will take you with Diego, the adventurer, to live a most unexpected encounter by following “Souricet and Santa Claus”.

Books to discover

  • Dominica Panvert who, in his book “Allons enfants”, presents some portraits of people from the territory who distinguished themselves during the First and Second World Wars and pays tribute to them.
  • richard PetitsignTourangeau, who defines himself as “comedian, storyteller, artistic director of the Troll Company, trainer and host of theater and storytelling courses” will present “The Knight Edmond and his pig”.
  • Sylvia Pouliquen who, in his book “La Résistance en action”, sheds light on hundreds of the destinies of men and women or acts of resistance.
  • Leander Pourcelot who will take you with “The Great War at 18” in the footsteps of his father in a terrible universe.
  • Gerald crawling will tell you with “Me, bastard” the story of two children tossed from refuges to boarding houses in Paris.
  • Claudius redonwith “1939-1945, I was 8 years old in Thouars”, will show you that being a child during the war was not easy.
  • Jean Louis Riguet will evoke for you “The dented lives” of Martine and Gilbert after their marriage.
  • Jean Michel Sieklucki knows Africa well and will bring “Le cocotier de Grand Bassam” which tells us about a lawyer, Vincent de Serre, who has just spent 13 years in Abidjan and has decided to return to France.
  • Dennis Soubieux will involve you in his investigation to solve “Murders in Fontevraud” to find out the murderer of the village doctor during the night of the festival.
  • Jocelyne Thomas will speak to you with “La guerre des meutes”, about the will of a woman who allowed her to experience an exciting encounter with wolves.

This event obtained the support of various local authorities and private companies. Free entry.

Salle Gabriel book festival in Saint-Paterne-Racan, Sunday November 27, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE.

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